How to Find Reliable China Supplier & Why Unitex Underwear is Your Best Choice?

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/04/28

Have you ever faced the following troubles when you carry out your business in an intensely competitive market?

• Competitors are backed by quality suppliers

• Delivery is always delayed

• Purchasing prices are too high

• Quality problems of the products have resulted in complaints or even losing customers

We all know that the purchasing department has a great impact on the company's performance. The problem is that it is difficult to find high-quality suppliers.


What are those high-quality suppliers like? 

Firstly, the high-quality suppliers should have the following deeply conditions in the company’s gene:

1. Integrity, The Most Important Gene

2. Good Supply Capacity

3. Enable Providing Required Certifications

4. Timely/Quality Assurance/Reasonable Price/Good Cooperation

5. Excellent Quality Control System

6. Efficiently After-Sales Service Support


Secondly, there are the following 10 principles for the quality suppliers

1. Value + Cost Savings

The main motivation for purchasing a new technology or outsourcing service is to reduce costs. So whether the cost can be reduced is the first concern. But the most important thing is the financial data of those indicators based on sales, such as sales growth or production, etc. which reflects the final value.

2. Excellent Performance  

This is the basic requirement for a good supplier. In fact, a good supplier is often able to proactively exceed the customer's requirements. In other words, the pursuit of excellence is a new feature of modern quality suppliers.

3. Professional Skills and Knowledge  

Suppliers with expertise in these professional competencies will be highly welcome by customers and even revered in the role of consultants.

4. Problem-solving Ability

In any supply chain, unpredictable problems and risks exist objectively. Therefore, the willingness and ability of suppliers to solve emergencies become an important index. Quick resolution and flexibility for emergencies are a plus for suppliers.

5. Continuous Improvement

Many companies want to see a supplier's product development plan to confirm that the supplier can continue to meet their development needs.

6. Support

Many companies are shrinking in size as they work more closely with suppliers, which means they rely more on suppliers to provide implementation, training, technical maintenance, or related services. Providing comprehensive support has become as important as the technology or service itself.

7. Culture

Undoubtedly, customers are more willing to cooperate with suppliers who have a healthy corporate culture and a proactive and dedicated attitude. Those who put the customer's interests into first concern, try their best to achieve their goals, and strive for excellence are particularly favored.

8. Good Communication

I have always felt that this is not only for the selection of suppliers but also very important in our lives. There is always a flow of information going up and down in supply chain management. It is extremely painful for the two people who are difficult to communicate with each other in daily work.

9. Perfect Service

Perfect service is indispensable for good suppliers, and suppliers who can provide high-quality full-service services are very competitive.

10. Reliability

Nowadays, the customers have higher and higher requirements for service levels. Therefore, the service providers must provide absolute reliability. There is no room for bargaining in the eyes of buyers.




As a high-quality underwear supplier, UNITEX UNDERWEAR is your ideal supplier. Carefully writing every development email, analyzing and understanding the deep needs of customers in detail, actively and timely responding to every question from customers, skillfully understanding the technological process of products, and professional knowledge is fully prepared to reply to the clients to ensure efficient communications.


1. Control of Quotation Cost

Take cotton boxer shorts or cotton boxer briefs for example, during a quotation there are several kinds of fabrics and accessories provided for customers to choose to ensure that customers can choose cost-effective products.


2. The Provision of Samples

Developing or arranging the cotton boxer shorts or cotton boxer brief samples according to the requirements of the clients. During the sampling process, we will communicate with the clients in a timely manner, taking into account the needs of the guests and keeping the style unchanged. Before sending the samples, check the size and workmanship of the samples, mark all the information, and ensure that the clients can clearly understand all the details as soon as they receive the samples.


3. Follow up on each sample's progress after the order is confirmed. All samples are checked correctly before they are sent to the customer for confirmation. Then make the pre-production samples for approval, and the bulk goods will be cut. Follow every progress to ensure orders are completed on time.


4. During the production process of bulk goods, the professional QC department will conduct random inspections in strict accordance with the pre-production, in-production, post-production, and packaging, and rework in time to ensure quality.


5. Before shipment, professional QC will conduct a final inspection according to AQL2.5 standard, and shipment can be arranged after qualified. 


6. During the final shipment and loading, special personnel will count the number of boxes and take pictures to ensure that the shipment quantity is correct.



All cooperation that can stand the test of time is inseparable from persistence and management! If UNITEX UNDERWEAR, the high-quality underwear supplier, is Maxima, are you the Talent Scout who does the purchasing?

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