How To Clean Your Underwear Correctly?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/04/26

People sometimes face the awkward problem that the underwear easily get dirty and it seems quite difficult to wash it correctly. You might wash your daily underwear in the washing machine, but you have to wash your delicate underwear by hands usually. We have discussed the different composition of fabric for underwear in previous article “The Guides to Fabric For Women’s And Men’s Underwear” dated on 19/April/2022. Underwear is not only important in material but also in cleaning or washing. Many people are confused whether the basic cotton underwear and fiber underwear are all in the same washing method. In generally, we need to pay attention to and follow the washing method of underwear described in the care label. Of course that if you know the proper cleaning process for your underwear, you should easily avoid damaging or shrinking it. Meanwhile by the correct cleaning method it would be more effectively protect to your private parts. As below, there are some tips how to wash your underwear correctly.


1. Cotton Fabric Underwear (100% cotton & Lycra cotton)

1) Never soak it for a long time, within 30minutes is advisable, it’s best to wash them separately from dark-colored clothes.

2) Never bleach it, it’s best to use appropriate sterilizing soap and the best water temperature is about 30~40℃. Please pay attention, don’t soak it in hot water to avoid yellow sweat spots.

3) It isn’t suitable to expose to the sun for a long time, it’s suitable for drying in a ventilated and shady place.



2. Fiber Fabric Underwear (For Example Modal, Nylon, Bamboo etc.)

1) It’s almost the same method to wash it as the underwear in cotton fiber material. It’s best to wash it separately from other garments, the water temperature shouldn’t exceed 40℃.

2) Need to be more gentle to treat the underwear. Don’t rub it, don’t use a hard brusher to wash it. Don’t wring, it should be folded and then squeezed out the water.

3) Don’t leave underwear under the sun, it will speed up the fading and aging of fabric, it is suitable for drying them in a ventilated and shady place.

 Clean underwear-7.jpgClean underwear-8.jpg


No matter what kinds of fabric of the underwear(cotton spandex panties, fiber blend underwear) that it can be washed by hand or washing machine. But I suggest that it's best to wash by hand to avoid stretching. If you choose to use washing machine, please put the washer on gentle cycle mode to ensure that the underwear aren’t damaged while washing. Pay attention to a cycle labeled "Gentle" or "Delicate" on the dial. In addition, you can put underwear(especially bra or vest with straps underwear ect.) to a mesh delicate bag. This can be more better to protect underwear while they’re in the washer. It can prevent twisting, pulling, stretching and ensure that your underwear will hold up over time.


 Clean underwear-3.jpgClean underwear-5.jpgClean underwear-4.jpg


Of course, there are another certain requirements to dry the underwear after washing it. Lay the underwear flat or hang on a clothesline to air dry. If you’re hanging it out to dry, it’s best to try to flip the underwear over halfway through the drying time so that both sides dry evenly. If you’re in a rush, you can put underwear in the dryer with the lowest heat setting to dry underwear in short time.


 Clean underwear-6.jpgClean underwear-9.jpg


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