How To Choose The Right Underwear For Your Lover?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/05/05

A gift is a way to memory a special occasion, express emotion or apologize for a mistake. What message do your gifts send? When to give the gifts? How to give the gifts? It is very important in our lives. At present, both men and women use gifts to maintain existing interpersonal relationships. Men were also likely to use gifts as a way to escalate the sexual and romantic nature of a relationship or help to keep a partner committed to them. In contrast, women would like to receive gifts for symbolic and emotional reasons.


The researcher found gift-givers would feel good about themselves when gift-giving was modest and balanced. It helps ensure relationship success when expressing love feelings to the recipient. However, when gifts were given too frequently or rarely, it could lead to anxiety and negative feelings and also spoil the relationship. Overall, men who were particularly shy or lacking in self-esteem were especially likely to use gifts as a way of communicating affection and interest. As a kid, when you tear into a holiday present, most of you wanted to see the toy but not a pair of beautiful and cute underwear. So, what is the feeling as an adult? It might be a shock or a surprise what it depended on the relationship between the giver ad you. Of course, getting delicate and beautiful high-grade underwear must be absolutely joyful.




So, how to choose the right underwear? Let our Unitex underwear expert team give you a hand. Believe in, when you need to choose underwear for your beloved person, the following tips could be very helpful.


Firstly, Make Sure You’re Buying for The Right Person

Underwear is a thoughtful and secret gift that should be given with care. It’s important to be aiming at the right person no matter how well you pick it out. In a normal office, the idea of giving underwear as a secret gift, like Santa Claus, might be a creepy vibe whether you intended it or not. But if you're buying something specific underwear for your partner, it might be a good opportunity for you to give him(or her) something to enjoy rather than sending the wrong message.


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Secondly, Don’t Choose The Wrong Size

Don't try to guess her size. Buying the wrong size of underwear for your sweetheart is a disappointment to her. If you live with your partner or spend a fair amount of time with her(him), you could check the size measurements or take measurements quickly. Or remember, just be sure to ask! It’s much better to spoil the surprise than spoil the mood.


Thirdly, Know His(Her) Style

There’s no shortage of styles when it comes to underwear designs. If you’ve never seen wearing your underwear gifts, there’s probably a reason for that. You might need to think about it. It’s okay to stray outside their comfort zone. A person who likes briefs, may not realize how much he loves a pair of boxers until he tries on it. And the styles are similar enough that he won’t be disappointed. Of course, sometimes changing the style will also affect the size, it should be depending on the specific situation.


Fourthly, Comfort is Important

Remember, you’re buying something for somebody else not for yourself. While most people love to wear underwear that looks beautiful, no one wants to wear an uncomfortable pair of underwear all day for a long time. Comfortable breathable underwear should be equipped with soft materials with absorb moisture and sweat, and also need to have a very reasonable design.


Finally, Don’t Skimp on Quality and Color

High quality cotton underwear tends to last a lot longer, don't go for bargain discount underwear (even if it looks great) so that you may not miss out on pursuing her. In addition, wearing underwear in the wrong color would destroy your outfit obviously. Try to pick a hue that fits into their current style or just pushes the edges a little.




Underwear is just an article of clothing. If you don’t spend a little more time and energy crafting a message, the gift will never carry the weight it should. Write a message from the heart and even if they don’t like the underwear you chose, they’ll appreciate the gift a lot more.



If you have no idea about choosing good gifts of underwear (moisture wicking underwear for men, fashion underwear for ladies, cute underwear for kids), we Unitex Chinese Underwear Manufacturers and underwear experts will provide a full range of help. Why not choose to start our cooperation?


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