How To Choose Healthy And Safe Underwear For Our Babies ?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/05/10

I always wonder whether the butt of children who don’t wear underwear will have an impact Whenever I see them running outside wearing open-backed pants. Sometimes I just only think about it, but I still want to give some advice to the mothers: Put on underwear for your baby as soon as possible. However, about the baby underwear, I believe that mothers still have a lot of questions. How to correctly choose good quality and suitable baby's underwear? Some mothers will choose the baby underwear by wear-resisting or easy to washing or also easy to dry of chemical fiber fabric. Even part of parents choose the underwear with the design of pocket covers, pins and also buckles etc. However, chemical fiber fabrics will be stimulating for baby skin, and will be easy to cause dermatitis and the symptoms such as itching. So, when choosing underwear for baby as far as possible to use high quality fabrics, high-grade fabrics, like 100% combed cotton underwear. The following tips to buy children underpant, I suggest mothers should record it right away.




Firstly, Size is Important 

It is a first difficulty to choose the correct size of baby's underwear. We have to choose the right size. The baby grow fast, we could consider a more big size of the clothes or shoes but the underwear is not necessary. Normally, baby’s underwear will replace every three months or so. And if the underpants is too big there will be too big gap between baby’s body and the underpants. It will not only cause discomfort for the baby but also don’t block the invasion of bacteria. After a long time, the baby will also be repulsed to wear underwear because of the discomfort. It’s best to measure baby's hips before buying it. For example, measure along the baby's buttocks, and coupled with the level of activity 5 cm. If a mom buy from inter-shop directly, she should let the owner to take the width of the panties firstly. In addition, it is important to note that the waistband “Don't loose”.




Secondly, The Material of Fabric 

Soft Comfortable Cotton Underwear fabric or Modal fabric underwear are suitable for the baby. If the weather is hot, it is best to choose more thin underwear for the baby, so that the underwear of fit degree and comfort would be more higher, and it also makes your baby's butt drier and comfortable at the same time.




The Third, The Quantity of Underwear

Comparing with the coat, the baby underwear need to change more frequently. Mother had better to prepare enough underwear for the baby, at least 6 pieces, the more the better. A few more pairs of underwear, after the baby have urine, mother needn’t be in hurry to clean.


 Boy's boxer-2.jpg


Fourthly, Select the Right Color

Light color of underwear is more conducive to baby’s health, because there is no too much dyed stain. Also the light underpants can easy let mother observed baby privates condition in time, to determine whether baby’s genitals infection, and whether the baby is premature development. Choose underwear with a pretty print or cute cartoon printed boxer, that the baby will enjoy it more and prefer to wear it more.




Finally, The Styles of Underwear

There are no specific rules for choosing underwear for your baby, whether it's skinny briefs or unrestrained boxers. Brief is a kind of short and Y-shaped underwear, which have the advantages of not easy to go naked and isolate dirt, but the disadvantages that the crotch would be easy to hook and tighten after sport. In addition, it is important to note that the brief edge directly contact with the baby inner thighs, if the baby is more sweat daily, it would be caused prickly heat easily on the inner thighs. The boxers would be more breathable and loose, there is no bound feeling, baby would be more freely activities wearing. So, most of babies are prefer boxers. But buying the boxers for baby, the leg size is the key, must be according to baby leg circumference to choose the suitable underwear. Otherwise, the baby will feel too tight and uncomfortable for the thigh. Mothers should decide whether to buy according to the actual needs of the baby and which to buy briefs or boxers.




Following are the benefits of wearing underwear for babies:

1. Help to strengthen the baby's hands-on ability:Parents can encourage their babies to wear the underpants by themself, which can greatly improve their hands-on ability. 

2. Conducive to the development of the baby's hygiene habits: Children's good living habits should start from childhood, let the baby adapt to underwear early, which can be very good for baby to cultivate hygiene habits.

3. Be beneficial to the understanding of the baby's health: Parents can observe the baby's health according to the baby's secretions, in this regard, the girl’s baby is more suitable.


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