How To Wash The Women’s Bra In Right Ways ?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/05/13

We have discussed “How To Clean Your Underwear Correctly?” dated on 24/April/2022. Cleaning underwear properly is an important common sense in our life. Today we will talk about “How often should women’s bra be washed ?” That is also very important for women’s health. How often for women to wash their bra? Is it easy to deform after the bra is washed too much? About how often to change and wash bra, the different from women’s habits may be vary considerable. For example, some women are used to taking a bath and changing bra every day. But another women will say: “I just sit in the office all day without dropping any sweat, I don’t think I have to wash it so often? Won't it be out of shape?" Actually, there is no the standard answer to this question. 



When should we need to change or wash the bra ?

In generally, it is best to wear two or three time for one piece bra before washing it. However, what is the meaning of “wear” in one time? For example, a bra that you just wear only for a few hours without sweating at all, that isn't fully worn. But, if you wear it for few hours and sweat a lot or being dirty or smelly that you should count it as “two or three times to wear” ( just like a comfortable cotton sports bra, which needs to be washed after each day).




It's best to buy multiple bras and rotate them around, to give the cups and straps a ”rest”, so that they can be better preserve full shape and elasticity. If you wear the same bra for two days in a row, you’d better take it off at bedtime to allow it at least a few hours of 'rest' (preferably a day). Remember, don’t wear the same bra every day after washing & drying it and then wear it again at once, it is easy to deformation. If you're too lazy to wash your bra after wearing it in two or three times, it's likely to harbor dirt and dirt. On the one hand, it is easy to keep stains and odors; On the other hand, Dander, Grease and Sweat would become a “breeding ground” for bacteria and fungi and it would also lead to rashes and local infections.h




What is the correctly ways to wash bra ?

Washing the bra, it’s not only important to remove dander, grease and sweat, but also take care of the fabric. But the more you wash it, the greater force to the fabric, and the cups are more easy tend to be deformed while the straps would be easy gradually losing the elasticity. Here below some tips to let you know how to wash your bra correctly & to wear it as longer as possible.


1. To check the washing label on your bra to see whether the maximum washing temperature and the methods are following the requirements. Try to separate light and dark bras. It's best to use bra specific detergents, or you should use "non-bio" detergents instead, which means laundry products without enzymes, such as silk wool, special laundry soap for infants etc.


2. If you have enough time, the best way to wash bra is by hands. After all, most of the bras are decorated with lace or pendants, it may be easily damaged in machine washing. And the inside of steel rings may easily get out, also would easily to break the other clothes in the machine, or would easily to poke your chest while you wear it next time. It would make you uncomfortable. You could pour detergent to the clean bins and dissolve it fully in the water, then wash them piece by piece and rub them gently (you can wear rubber gloves if your skin is sensitive). In particular, you need to carefully to clean the bottoms of cups and around the armpits, because these areas are easy to grow bacteria.


3. The way to wash bra by machine :

Fasten the bra breast button and tightly the straps before washing it so that it can avoid snagging other clothes. You could put the bra in a separate mesh laundry bag to avoid distortion. This can be more better to protect bra while they’re in the washer. Do remember, put the washer on gentle cycle mode to ensure that the bra aren’t damaged while washing.


4. The cautions after washing:

  • Tidy the bra cups: let it returns to its original shape.
  • Don’t dry it by machine: It would damage the fit and reduce elasticity When it is heated or violently shaken.
  • Air-dry: it is best to fold in half and hang on a hanger or clothesline to dry naturally.
  • Save: lay the bra flat in the closet after drying, remember don’t press it.




In generally, a bra could be worn about 6-12 month regularly. But if you take good care of it, you could have it service for many years. Washing bras too often or too less is bad for both the bra itself and a woman's skin, so it's important to wash bras correctly. Do you get it?

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