3 Tips For Negotiating The Best Deal With Underwear Supplier

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/05/17

As a buyer, the first thing to consider is how to purchase the most cost-effective goods with the most appropriate procurement cost. Faced with the quotations submitted by various suppliers, how to find out and evaluate the best quotation? To get the best price from an underwear supplier, we need to understand the components of the price firstly.


1. Quote Speed

If the supplier makes a quick reaction of the quotation, it can be seen that this supplier is a product expert and is extremely familiar with this type of product. On the contrary, if the supplier's quotation is delayed for a long time, it can be seen that the supplier is unfamiliar with the product and cannot accurately evaluate the product materials, labor and other factors.


2. Quotation Composition

The price of the product consists of the cost of raw materials consumption, labor costs, packaging costs, management fees, taxes and profits. To make an accurate quotation, firstly you should have the detailed product information: order quantity, style, technology, size, fabric composition and weight, color, quality of accessories, packaging, quality standards, various tests and product certifications. Unitex underwear supplier will give the following details for quotation:


A. Style & Technology: there are detailed style drawings and size diagrams.

B. Raw materials consist of fabric and accessories

Fabric: cotton, CVC, TC, cotton spandex, rib, jacquard, nylon spandex, polyester spandex, viscose, modal, bamboo fiber, etc. Cotton fabric is commonly used in bikini briefs underwear, children's cotton underwear. Cotton spandex fabric is commonly used in cotton boxer shorts, men's cotton boxer underwear and children's boxer briefs. Ribbed fabric is commonly used in mens white underwear. Jacquard fabric is commonly used in boys and girls vests. Nylon spandex fabric is commonly used in lace underwear for women. Polyester spandex fabric is commonly used in mens boxers. viscose, modal, and bamboo fibers are commonly used in most popular men’s underwear style.




The accessories consist of sewing accessories and packaging accessories

Sewing accessories: quality and width of elastic band, thread, washing label, woven label, bowknot, button, etc.

Packaging accessories: quality, design draft and specifications of various packaging products such as hangers, listings, cartons, PVC bags, OPP bags, etc.

C. Quality standard: AQL2.5/4.0, SGS, BV

D. Fabric Testing: SGS

E. Product certification: Oeko-Tex standard 100


If the supplier can make a quotation based on this during the negotiation process, it shows that the other party is sincere and true, and is an expert, and the business is reliable. If the procurement encounters such a quotation supplier, it is conducive to sub-item review, and it can also be compared based on the sub-item composition of similar goods to judge whether the quotation is reasonable. If there is any inappropriateness, the two parties can negotiate about it, instead of expressing the price in a general way. In the end, a bargain without any factual basis was formed, which did not play any role. If the quotation is not subdivided, if the price of raw materials increases, the supplier will definitely raise the price of the product. However, how much has become a problem for both sides? This will not only increase the workload of both parties, but also waste time. If the negotiation is not good, it will also affect the relationship between the two parties and lay a hidden danger for cooperation.


3. Validity Period of Quotation

Because there are some uncertain factors, the international situation and domestic policies will affect the cost of the product. For some products, the cost of raw materials accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the product. If the price of raw materials fluctuates greatly, the total cost of the product will also fluctuate greatly, and even affect the reasonable profit. There are many experienced suppliers who will indicate "this quotation is valid for 10 days" when quoting. Because the period from quotation to placing an order to purchasing materials from suppliers is long and the procedure is complicated. If the price of raw materials changes significantly during this period, it will affect the cooperation between the two parties. If a supplier has a quotation with an expiration date, it means that the supplier is concerned about the raw material market, and the supplier is willing to make the money that they should make. The raw material money is not their expected source of profit. However, if the supplier does not indicate the validity period of the quotation, once the raw materials in the market fluctuate during the period and the supplier asks for a price increase, the buyer will definitely not understand it, and they will not be trustworthy, causing misunderstanding between the two parties.




Cost-effective underwear supplier Unitex underwear supplier give advice: For a complete quotation, the following aspects should be included: product information, price terms, payment terms, product price, quotation validity period. Now, you should already know how to negotiate the best deal with Unitex Underwear. Let’s go straight to work at once !

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