“Sports Underwear” Has Become New Fashion of Urban Women

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/05/20

The comfortable sport bra is no longer limited to breast protection, which can be worn outside the gym or even in the office, has become a new fashion trend for urban women. It offers more comfortable choice of clothing than traditional underwear. It is not only suitable for various of sports occasions but also daily fashion wearing. The sport underwear is more supportive and fixed than ordinary underwear to the chest, which are in the elasticity of fabric and the cutting of chest line. The High quality elastic women cotton sports bra is with functions of good sweating, breathable, dehumidification, deodorization, and warm ect. The wider shoulder straps can also avoid frequently creeping down while doing exercise.




Starting with the sports bra, this feminine undergarment completely broke away from the rigid aesthetic constraint, focused on pleasing the female self, and also subverted the stereotypical sexy image. More and more women wear shorts cotton sports bra set, also gradually become a new fashion. The mode of sports changed brings to us the sports underwear industry revolution.


1. From exercise time for review

The number of sports enthusiasts have increased rapidly in recent years, but individual exercise time is on the decline. There are a large number of people, who participate in sports, but the individual exercise time is not too long and the intensity is not too high. More than 65% of them do exercise for less than one hour every day. In addition, according to the big data of the World's fitness industry, the number of exercisers participating in sports reached 7.6 times per month. The timing and frequency of sports become scattered and high frequency. Thus, they are expanding the opportunity to wear and use sports underwear, then it speed up the growth of sports underwear industry.


2. From the perspective of motivation:

Both of men and women, the main motivation for taking up sports is to keep the body strong and fitness. Another striking feature is that for female consumers, the demand for slimming and entertainment is getting stronger. People, no longer participate in sports to master a certain professional skills, but for a healthy life and body beauty. Such of this motivation changes will inevitably lead to the generalization of sports events, and then will expand the demand for sports underwear, promote the development of sports underwear industry.


Female sports underwear derived from men's shock-proof underwear.



When women wear traditional underwear, the shoulder straps often slip and the breasts also often wobble, which not only causes pain of body, but also accelerates chest sagging. Because female breast is mainly composed by the fat of the upper layer, density is small and also without elasticity, connect through ligament and thorax. And ligament itself does not have the function of slowly shock, it is usually overstretched, and then the ligament will be like as aging rubber band. It will become more thinner and longer and then lose its elasticity.


Lisa Lindahl, the inventor of the sports bra, used to run up to 30 miles in traditional underwear every week. She was always bothered by chest pain and the potential risks associated with exercising. After trying on men's shock-proof underwear as a joke, Lisa had an idea. She wrapped the elastic waistband around a woman's chest, and crossed it behind her back. And then, the first shock-proof running sports bra was created. It marked the birth of womens sports briefs and became an instant bestseller in lingerie stores. In the first year, 25,000 pieces of running sport bras were sold.




At that beginning, however, the shock resistance of a sports bra is determined by the size of the wearer's chest. Now today, all the band of female sports underwear, usually can reduce chest shocked by 60-70% and the growing for comfortable ,earthquake-resistant of sports bras are requested by consumer’s. Of course, Asian women tend to have smaller breasts than their Counterparts in the USA and Europe, and support requirements are different accordingly. Aware of the fast-growing for Asian market, sports bra brands are also beginning to explore tailoring more suitable for Asian women.


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