The Guides To Fabric For Women’s And Men’s Underwears

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/04/19

Underwear, as the most important daily products in human life, the men, women or kids need to wear it. So, if it is comfortable nor not or skin-friendly or not for the hand fell of the fabric made for underwear become more and more important. It also attract most of people’s attention. Generally, women's underwear is more fashionable than men's underwear. Women's underwear is also more important than men's underwear, because of their biological characteristics. Now we will talk about what the main fabric of underwear.



The most basic cotton underwear is made in 100% cotton, because it is soft , comfortable, breathable and cheap. It is good for keeping warm and sweat absorption ,also it is easy to dye and print on it. Cotton fabric underwear ,which it is made in different types of cotton such as 100% cotton single jersey, friendly-environmental organic cotton and so on. Cotton fabric, although it  is comfortable ,good sweat absorption, popular by the majority of people, but it is not easy to dry. It would be relatively hard after several times washing. Then it is slowly replaced by Lycra (Cotton Spandex or known as Lycra Cotton ).




2. LYCRA  

Lycra is a kind of spandex. In 1959, DuPont took the lead in industrial production and registered it as Lycra. In fact, Lycra and Spandex are the same thing, but Lycra was registered as DuPont Lycra first. The main composition of spandex is polyurethane fiber, it’s special fiber with high elasticity. It is mainly used to knit stretch fabrics. Usually, spandex silk and other fibers are spun into core-spun yarns for weaving. Lycra Cotton panties is also called spandex cotton panties, generally the composition is 95%cotton 5%Lycra(or 5%Spandex). Lycra cotton fabric has not only got the same advantage of comfortable and breathable as cotton fiber, but also be more elastic and not easily deformed,so that the fabric is more close-fitting ,soft and comfortable. It has become more and more popular fabric presently for making comfortable men's underwear.


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Modal, it is emerging and high-tech green recycled cellulose fiber on the market. The main ingredient is natural plant(such as soybean, seaweed etc.) cellulose fiber. By special process and condition such as dissolution, filtration and defoaming and so on it extrude spinning and then solidified without pollution to the environment. The fiber is from nature and then back to natural under biological degradation. Modal is the similar texture as cotton, but its water absorption and release rate is 50% higher than the ordinary cotton, and it is not easy to fade and pilling.  There are following characteristics for Modal fabric: 

1) It’s soft and draping good which it’s comfortable to wear. Comparing with pure cotton fabric it is more moisture absorption and air permeability. It is the ideal close-fitting fabric and healthy products. It is contributed to human physiological cycle and healthy.

2) It’s fine and smooth with almost the same effect like natural silk. In opposite to cotton fabrics, modal fabrics still maintain the original smooth and supple hand feel even after several time washing. Specially, it is more soft and bright even under more times of washing.

3) The garment made in modal fabric is better in strong shape stability, natural wrinkle resistance and ironing resistance. It’s more convenient and natural to wear. Of course, it’s more expensive than cotton fabric.





Nylon with another name of polyamide is recognized as high quality polyamide fiber. Nylon fabric underwear has good moisture absorption, close-fitting, soft and comfortable, the hand-feel is smooth. In addition, it is super light, stretching, durable, ,hardly deformed and remarkable wrinkle-resistant. The price is much more expensive because it is soft texture, interesting luster, bright colors, good handle and moisture wicking effects.





Polyester is sort of synthetic fiber with the functions of high strength and elastic recovery ability. It is strong, durable, light resistance good, acid and alkali resistant. it isn’t damaged by mold and moth. But it is poor of moisture absorption and air permeability that it is not a good choice for making underwear.





Bamboo fiber fabric it is claimed as the body's second skin. The bamboo fabric is well known as “breathing” fabric by the expert in fabric industry. Why? Because the cross section of bamboo fiber fabric is full of large and small oval pores, it enable the fabric to absorb and evaporate a large amount of water instantly. It is top in moisture absorption and permeability among the fabrics with different fibers. Bamboo fiber is one of the best material for underwear because of its natural ingredient “bamboo quinone” which is anti-bacterial and its porous structure which makes bamboo fiber have good air permeability and moisture absorption. It’s lightweight but strong. Also it is soft, importantly it is anti-bacterial, deodorant functional, wicking moisture, perspiration functional, super anti-UV, super health care, comfortable and beauty functional. These are the reasons why the bamboo fabric is becoming more and more popular. The price is also much more expensive than other kinds of fabrics.\




Of course, there are many other kinds of fabrics on the market, such as silk fabric ,CoolMax fiber, Khmer, Roast silk cotton fabric and so on. As for what kind of fabric is best for each person. In my idea, there is also no good or bad fabric, only suitable or not, the fabric which is suitable for yourself is the best.


Xiamen Unitex Trade CO.,LTD is one of the Chinese Knitted Underwear manufacturers expert, our factory has its own fabric textile workshop to make sure for our fabric materials. We mainly use the fabrics such as Cotton, Lycra Cotton, Modal, Nylon, Polyester, Bamboo. Meanwhile, we will use fabric whatever client request. We do all kinds of underwear (Men’s breathable boxer briefs, Ladies sexy lace underwear, Children’s cotton underwear and also all kinds of male & female and children’s comfortable pajamas for summer ). We have super-strong and professional team with service experience in Underwear Industry more than twenty years. We always offer our clients the high quality production at much more competitive price. If you are looking for suitable underwear supplier, in my opinion, We Unitex is your Best Choice !   

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