"Recovering" the Life Paused by the Epidemic - Quanzhou Underwear Manufacturers Quickly Grab Orders

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/04/15

On April 13, 2022, in accordance with the principle of "Orderly Opening Up", Quanzhou City restored the traffic gradually in different classifications and zoning. While it promotes the resumption of public transportation and traffic in safe and orderly manners. The Truck Pass which is a must for the truck driver as certification to go through the city has been canceled. Except for some control areas, the trucks are easy past different zones without any restrains as usual. On the same day, the "Jinjiang New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office Note (No. 96)" was released. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, control, and resumption of work and production, the headquarter decided to adjust and standardize the city's traffic quarantine inspection work. According to the three-level management requirements of the management area, control area, and prevention area. The establishment of traffic quarantine inspection points shall be adjusted by division and level. The dynamic supervision shall be implemented to ensure the smooth flow of traffic and logistics in an orderly manner. Factories, commercial buildings, and construction sites have resumed work in an orderly manner as well. A series of adjustments in epidemic prevention and control measures show that Quanzhou is making the greatest efforts to promote the orderly restoration of social production and living order in various cities.


With the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control measures in many towns of Quanzhou City, these areas have resumed normal traffic. According to the actual situation of different enterprises, relevant departments and villages (communities) of Shenhu Town have carried out classified management, and actively urged enterprises to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control. It helps enterprises to resume normal production in an orderly manner.

Shenhu is a famous underwear town. The underwear industry is the largest industry in Shenhu town, accounting for 60% of the town's total economic output. There are more than 200 underwear manufacturers. The main products of underwear are men’s underwear, women’s underwear, swimwear, cotton pajama shorts, comfortable sports bras, etc., with an annual output value of more than 3 billion RMB, and its industrial scale and market share occupy a certain position in the garment industry in China.


Under the premise of strictly doing a good job in epidemic prevention work, the Unitex underwear manufacturer is doing its best to complete the customer’s orders.

In the workshop of Liwenlai Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in Shenhu town, all departments like knitting, cutting, production, inspection & packaging, in each production line (cotton boxer briefs, cotton boxer shorts, women’s underwear, boy boxers, and girl’s boxer shorts) workers strictly Wearing a facial mask and operating the equipment skillfully. The familiar sound of the machine is coming back and the underwear products are under sewing in the production line, fully occupied machines.


The current order has been generally placed in July. Of course, due to the impact of the pandemic, it was slightly interrupted. However, the local government and the village committee have given us great support. At present, production has been resumed and the personnel has also been in place. 

The epidemic prevention and control situation is improving positively, and the resumption of work and production is progressing in an orderly manner. it is a vivid practice of stabilizing the global supply chain and industrial chain. We make every effort to restore economic vitality. A continuously optimized business environment is the most critical factor in attracting global companies, which is of great significance to stabilizing the global supply chain and industrial chain. All of the efforts make Unitex stand out in the global supply chain competition and become the best choice for customers.

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