What's the Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Female Sexy Underwear?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/10/25

If you always choose cheap things when you buy things, the probability of stepping on thunder is very high, and underwear is no exception, the harm is not small!


These are the common problems of cheap moisture wicking boxer briefs underwear that make people crumble in minutes: the fabric is not soft and does not stick to the skin; the skin on the chest is red and painful after rubbing it... and so on, sticky after sweating;


Unitex Chinese underwear manufacture feels that the rigid demand of underwear must be carefully selected, but it does not have to be too extravagant. There are tens of thousands of them, which is really unnecessary. Cost-effective underwear is really fragrant!


Try our high-comfort and high quality boxer shorts underwear, the cheap underwear in your closet can be thrown away for thousands of miles~


What is the difference between expensive underwear and cheap underwear? Today we will give you a simple comparison, which can give you a reference when choosing underwear.


The value of underwear:


1. Materials

The materials usually used in an underwear include: fabrics, shaping yarns, lace, elastics, bows, etc.

Don't look at the small thing of underwear, but the materials used are much more than ordinary clothing, up to dozens of kinds. As a close-fitting item, the quality and comfort of the fabric are the most important.


Expensive underwear often costs ten times more than ordinary cheap underwear in the choice of product raw materials. For example, the price difference between good fabrics and ordinary fabrics is very large. Combed cotton with additional treatment fabrics are much more than ordinary cotton yarn fabrics; for example, decorative lace materials, high-end super one-yard materials cost dozens of dollars. The material cost of underwear is much higher!


Of course, the value of the product can also be fully reflected at this time. The fabric is skin-friendly and breathable; it is not worn or tied, and there will be no damage such as redness and allergies, and it will have health and antibacterial effects, and it is comfortable to wear and peace of mind!


2. Design


Underwear are different from ordinary clothing and apparel. They must not only be aesthetically pleasing in design, but also must take full advantage of ergonomics to consider health and comfort issues.


Because women's hips and breasts have different shapes and characteristics, it is no exaggeration to say that in terms of structure and design, good quality cotton underwear is almost comparable to large-scale construction projects.


Not only scientific design but also precise control of errors. As a sensitive part of clothing, the slightest bit may directly affect the wearing experience. It is by no means as simple as sewing two pieces of fabric casually.


Relatively cheap underwear, the biggest difference of our Unitex underwear is that it is designed in strict accordance with the customer's style, size and process requirements to minimize the error.


Every detail needs to be repeatedly scrutinized by the designer. Every product has undergone numerous proofing and measurements before mass production, pursuing excellence in meticulousness, and finally showing the perfect product that blooms feminine charm and cares for women's health to the best of its ability!


3. Functionality


Unitex underwear thinks that "underwear panties and bra are the second skin of women", that is right! The reason is that it can be directly related to your physical health and comfort.


So where is the expensive underwear, the expensive is the function!


The densely distributed sensory nerves on the buttocks and chest of women can be said to be the most sensitive parts of the body. Any discomfort will be noticed at the first time and cannot be ignored, so comfort is very important!


At the same time, it is also a very vulnerable place for women. In recent years, various women's health data have also made everyone pay more attention to women's health problems, especially breast health problems. Therefore, scientific support is very important!


A good underwear is to be able to feel the comfort and relaxation of all parts of the body in any scene, and to support it!


When sweating, the skin is not sticky, so that the sullenness and dampness inside will disappear in one breath, leaving only the breathable and refreshing.


When exercising, there is a degree of relaxation, which perfectly fits the hips and chest, neither shifting nor hindering breathing. Scientific and reasonable support can not only greatly avoid the expansion of the buttocks and the sagging of the chest, but also reduce the production of fat or auxiliary breasts. It is a technology and a science!


I believe that "expensive" or "cheap" is just a matter of price. Don't be too chasing after preciousness, and don't blindly covet cheapness. After all, only health is yours.


We, Unitex wholesale underwear manufactures have always believed that the most important thing for a suitable and good underwear set is to measure its performance and details, and cost-effective underwear is your final choice!



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