Does Men's Underwear Affect the Wife's Pregnancy?

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/10/27

Compared with women, men are not as careful as women in choosing some of the things they use, but you must know that the care of men's private parts is as important as women's private parts, or that men are more cautious about the care of genitals than women, so the choice of underwear is particularly important! Let's take a look at the types of men's underwear and the selection principles of men's underwear.

Types of Men's Underwear

Men’s Briefs include high waist briefs and low waist briefs. It is a priority for people with thick legs, and it can also modify the legs to be more slender. Low waist briefs are sexier than high waist briefs.

Men’s Bullet pants - The name of the bullet pants comes from BVD, because the shape of the BVD underwear packaging was designed to be in the shape of a bullet, but now it has become a common name for men's briefs. The crotch of bullet pants is more like the shape of a bullet, as the name suggests, bullet pants. The advantage of wearing bullet pants can highlight the visible male genitalia.


Men’s Boxers -- not suitable for people with thick or thin legs. But most people opt for this type of panties.

Men's Boxer Tights - The advantages of briefs and short-leg underwear are combined, and tight boxing boxers appear. The style is simple and eye-catching, which has become the symbol of sunshine boys. Wear something thinner or tighter, which will leave the pants with no panty marks.


Men's thongs -- thongs are divided into single-thongs and double-thongs. The design with only one line at the back of the crotch is a single-thong, and it will be uncomfortable for those who are not used to it. There are two straps that are fixed on both sides of the buttocks, which are double-thong pants. The biggest advantage of these two styles is that they have excellent breathability, which can adapt to any strenuous exercise of the wearer. At the same time, there will be no traces when wearing tight pants, which is the favorite of fashionable men.

Men’s tight-fitting elastic long-leg underwear -- the length of the boxers reaches the center of the thigh, which has the effect of tightening the pants, which is conducive to tightening the thigh muscles and shaping a healthy body.

Men's boxer loose underwear - the length of the trousers reaches the upper part of the thigh, mostly made of pure cotton, loose and inelastic, generally with front buttons, because it does not have the pressure of wrapping the buttocks and legs, it is very popular with obese and elderly people.

Sexy underwear - no matter what body type, wearing sexy underwear will add a lot of fun to your intercourse. Sexy underwear is an expression of love, allowing love to enter a state of intoxication and romance. It represents a kind of romance and fun, and life needs these to embellish.


Men's underwear selection principles

1. Fitted boxer briefs or thong briefs are suitable for work, these two can be more "matched" with the outer pants most commonly worn at work, such as trousers or jeans.

2. For leisure at home, loose-fitting boxers are the first choice. The advantage is that the genitals that are usually squeezed in the breathable boxer underwear can move freely. When going out to hang out, it is better to use T-shaped underwear, which can reduce the friction caused by the greater amount of activity on the sexual organs.

3. When exercising, it is better to use men’s breathable sports shorts with good ventilation, or tights that are close to the body and breathable, similar to swimming trunks. The goal is to minimize friction between the thighs, crotch and sex organs.

4. For business or tourism, disposable paper or cotton underwear for men is the best choice. In addition, general men’s white underwear can also be considered.


5. Sleep with men’s boxer briefs or comfortable sleep shorts, or sport shorts with a mesh design.

6. People who are overweight and sweaty, especially men who drive by themselves, should not wear cotton underwear often. They should choose fabrics that feel smooth, sweat-absorbing and easy to dry. If necessary, use cotton-padded underwear in key parts to avoid a feeling of stickiness. In addition, the underwear made of modal fabric is comfortable to the touch, which is quite close to the texture of pure cotton, and the speed of absorbing and releasing moisture is 50% higher than that of ordinary pure cotton, which is also recommended.

7. Men with thick legs can wear high-cut briefs to make their legs look longer.

8. Tight-fitting elastic long-leg underwear, the length of the boxers can reach the center of the thigh, which is conducive to the tightness of the thigh muscles and a healthy body shape, suitable for young men who love bodybuilding.

9. Regardless of the style, it is best to choose light-colored underwear. The lighter the color of the underwear, the less dye is used and the safer it is to wear.

10. Newly purchased underwear must be washed before wearing to prevent accidents such as allergies.

11. Not wearing underwear during exercise can minimize the friction between important parts; without underwear when sleeping, the exposed skin can absorb more nutrients, promote metabolism, and create a cool environment, which is conducive to the spermatogenesis process of the testicles , and can relax the limbs, help to enter deep sleep, which is the reason why health experts advocate "sleeping naked".

12. It is important to wash underwear, such as it is best to wash it alone, not to mix with other clothes; wash by hand, do not use the washing machine; avoid soaking in washing powder for a long time to prolong the life of underwear.

Men's choice of boxer briefs helps wives get pregnant

According to the British "Daily Mail" report, if a man and his wife are preparing for pregnancy, it is best to wear boxer underwear instead of briefs, and it is best to sleep naked at night. The researchers found that the underwear a man chooses significantly affects the quality of his sperm. This is because light, cool underwear helps keep germ cells alive.

Researchers from Stanford University in California and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development tested 501 men aspiring to become fathers. The test results showed that those who wore loose boxer briefs during the day and slept naked at night were significantly more For those who wore tight pants at night, the rate of DNA damage in sperm was reduced by 25 percent.


The researchers believe that in the average adult man, men who wear tight underwear day and night usually have lower sperm quality, and the researchers speculate that this phenomenon is related to temperature. Previous studies have also found that men who keep their laptops on their laps for extended periods of time are more susceptible to adverse effects on sperm quality, a phenomenon the researchers believe is also temperature-related. Male fertility expert Alan Pesci pointed out that tight underwear is not conducive to sperm production, and suggested that men who are trying to conceive with their wives choose loose underwear.

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