What Is The Common Problem in The Implementation of Lean Production? -Unitex Underwear Manufacturer Will Tell You!

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/10/21

In the previous article, we talked about "Unitex underwear manufacturing-lean production and quality management" and "How to Improve Lean Production Management Level For Unitex Underwear Factory China Enterprise?". Lean production is very important to improve the management of an enterprise. For our supplier of Unitex custom underwear manufacturers, it can make the production factory better avoid waste, save more costs, and thus generate more favorable income and more efficient profits. At the same time, it can better start from the source, make management and production cooperate with each other, and better control the whole process, thereby improving the quality of underwear products. Only by improving the level of production management and thus improving the quality of our underwear products can we promote the rapid development of our enterprise. And owning the high quality boxer shorts underwear products is the solid foundation for our enterprise to survive. 

So, what are the common problems in the implementation of lean production management in enterprises? Lean production is currently very popular in enterprise management, but there are also companies watching. Lean production is an advanced production method that can be produced according to market demand, and can reduce waste and inventory, reduce production costs and make enterprises more competitive in the competition. However, many enterprises still have many problems in the process of implementing lean production, which are manifested in two aspects: 1. Surface problems (appearance of problems); 2. Potential causes (direct causes, intermediate causes, root causes, etc.).


Lean Production Management FAQ


1. The concept of managers and operators has not changed: the concept of relevant main executors has not changed, and the coordination is not in place, and it is difficult to achieve the expected goal of lean production.


2. Didn't find a good entry point: Find a good entry point for introducing lean production, with the easiest and most obvious improvement results to make everyone feel the benefits of the new way of working, then change consciousness and build confidence.


3. Quick success and instant benefits: The idea of "immediate results" and "great results" in a short period of time and major changes are not in line with the principle of continuous improvement of lean production.


4. Prototype area first: formulate a detailed trial plan, work first in the form of the sample area, and improve the problem points during the sample operation, and then extend it to the whole plant. In our underwear factory industry, it is also called the first sample. Do a good job of the first sample, find problems and improve them, which can well avoid some unnecessary troubles in bulk production.


5. Lack of overall cooperation: It is believed that the implementation of lean production is only the responsibility of IE engineers and has nothing to do with other units. For example, if procurement, logistics, engineering and other units cannot fully cooperate, even if there is a good plan, it is only a “short-lived ", unable to continue to exert the effectiveness of lean management.


6. Too much investment: Improvement should be based on the principle of not spending money. Don’t think of investing in new equipment and new technologies as soon as you encounter problems. You should try to avoid investing a lot of money, and you can improve on existing facilities or foundations, maybe also the best solution.


7. The implementation process stagnates when encountering difficulties: "Three cobblers are better than one Zhuge Liang" to brainstorm and prepare multiple solutions. Open your mind, absorb different opinions, don't explain why you can't do it, and figure out how to do it. Don't wait until it's perfect, you can do it with five points of confidence.


What are the common problems in the implementation of lean production management in enterprises? The above are some relevant introductions about the lean production of Unitex underwear manufacturers specializing in underwear production. The lean production of the enterprise must also be done well, so as to achieve good results. The enterprise needs the coordination of lean production, so that the production capacity of the enterprise can be achieved. The smoother the process, the higher the benefit can be obtained. Unitex is a professional underwear and pajamas cover manufacturer. We have a strong professional team. From R&D to proofing, to mass production, to the final product, we strictly control each step and process to avoid occurrence of major problems, resulting in unnecessary waste and costs. We pursue " high quality underwear first, maximize the interests of customers", thus occupying a favorable position in the market and laying a solid foundation for the survival of the enterprise. If you happen to be looking for the right underwear boxers & briefs manufacturer and we meet your requirements, please feel free to contact us. I believe that your attempt will also bring you wireless surprises.



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