The Best Underwear for Travel

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2023/05/14

During the trip, due to the fatigue of the journey, more attention should be paid to the safety and sanitation, antibacterial and other functional requirements of underwear. When purchasing underwear, basic requirements such as quick drying and antibacterial should be considered, and underwear made of light and thin materials should be selected, such as high-count cotton, high-quality modal, bamboo, etc. For underwear made of fiber and other materials, try to avoid choosing disposable underwear (it can be used in emergency, but not recommended for common use), acrylic chemical fiber and other materials.

Although there are disposable underwear now, they are also very uncomfortable and can only be used for short-term emergency.

So do you know how to choose travel underwear? Let's take a look together, as long as these points are met, there is basically nothing wrong!

1. Quick drying

When going out, the emphasis is on "packing lightly", and the less things you carry, the better. If you want to bring less clothes, you must dry quickly, especially in summer.

The same is true for underwear. Personal items that need to be changed and washed every day will take several days to dry, and the cycle is low, which increases the carrying capacity.

Just imagine, the trip is coming to an end, and the wet underwear that has been replaced is too troublesome to carry. If you consider the problem of carrying, it will be even more terrible if you don’t wash it after changing it. Not only is it a hygiene problem, but the reproduction of bacteria is the biggest concern!

The OX Sport Mesh Boxer is the best men's underwear for travel because it fits better than any other, is more comfortable and odor-resistant, and the Sport Mesh fabric has excellent breathability and wicking properties, and is more odor-resistant than other fabrics . It's soft on the inside and smooth on the outside, so it slides on your pants instead of rubbing, reducing the chance of chafing. The briefs also feature a sculpted crotch area that provides the wearer with some very welcome support without feeling smothered. These briefs dry quickly, pack tight, and are lighter than almost every other boxer we've tried. Basically, this men's boxer is everything you could want in travel underwear.


Women's nylon underwear, because of its fast sweat-wicking performance, quick-drying, wear-resistant, high-elasticity characteristics, light and soft, not easy to deform, and has good moisture absorption performance. Briefs in this fabric are perfect for any minimalist traveler looking for comfort.


2. Moisture absorption and perspiration

Travelers produce more sweat than the average person. Moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics maximize comfort, reduce odor, and minimize the chance of infection, all important features when you may not have a chance to change your underwear for a while.

Unitex men's modal boxers, modal is a regenerated fiber, which is softer, stronger and tougher than other fabrics, and has a significantly higher moisture absorption and perspiration capacity than pure cotton products. Their soft features reduce chafing and wick away moisture, and the lightweight fabric takes up less room in your bag, and they dry up to twice as fast as typical cotton underwear.


3. Antibacterial

The antibacterial properties are the most important. After all, you have to sleep out on a business trip, but you can’t guarantee that all rooms have balconies and sufficient sunlight. In a room that is airtight or not so well ventilated, billions of invisible bacteria are threatening our health invisibly.

If the underwear has antibacterial properties, it will directly reduce the health risks in the private parts, and keep redness and itching away from our secret garden.

Unitex men's bamboo fiber boxers, the bamboo fiber fabric is a pure natural fabric, and the raw material is extracted from naturally growing bamboo. In addition to fiber fineness, dry strength index, moisture absorption and perspiration capacity higher than ordinary cotton fabrics, it also has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, mite removal, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions.


Travel and performance underwear needs to meet the basic standards of underwear and excel in other standards. If you have this need, welcome to customize Unitex underwear and boxer underwear that meet the above travel underwear standards.

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