How to Choose the Right Functional Underwear for Outdoor Camping?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2023/05/19

When camping, no one wants to endure long-term oppression in a certain corner of the body, and no one wants to be sweaty and smelly at the end of camping. 

Outdoor intimate clothing is more worthy of your careful consideration. No matter how small the underwear is, it is also outdoor equipment.

When its fabric and design are closer to outdoor needs, you can enjoy a truly comfortable outdoor life.

Whether the underwear is comfortable or not, only you know, but in reality, this kind of problem happens from time to time, but it is difficult to explain clearly, because you can't take a breath at any time like you do with your feet. After all, it's just only underwear, not anything else.

Before choosing camping outdoor comfortable breathable underwear, we still need to make a clear judgment on our needs, confirm that we really need them, and then continue to look down. Not sure or don't know how to choose camping outdoor underwear? Friends who choose what kinds of underwear sets can continue to look down.


Next, we at Unitex underwear manufacture will give you a detailed introduction to the strategies and precautions for purchasing camping outdoor underwear, so that you can choose a camping outdoor underwear that suits you and is easy to use.

. Classification of camping outdoor underwear

In outdoor equipment, the status of underwear may not be as high as that of socks. However, it is probably the piece of equipment that dew friends confuse the most at home and outdoors.

Whether to buy a pair of outdoor underwear is actually asking: do we know what kind of underwear is needed outdoors, and what is the difference between it and everyday underwear? What role should underwear play in the outdoors? In daily life, underwear can be guaranteed to be clean. But in order to be competent in the outdoor environment, as the most intimate layer of underwear, it must play a more versatile and stronger role.

There are two core requirements for underwear for outdoor use, which make it different from ordinary household underwear:

1. It should sweat quickly

You will sweat a lot during outdoor sports, and the accumulation of sweat on the surface of your skin will make you feel uncomfortable. In cold weather, it will also cause you to lose temperature, threatening your health and even life, so outdoor underwear is made of quick-drying materials.

2. It must be anti-odor

For summer sports, cotton clothes will stink in less than half a day, while the usual heavy hiking usually takes 2-3 days, and the crossing route takes 3-5 days, or even longer, wearing sweaty clothes to walk between the green mountains and green waters, it is really a terrible thing, which seriously affects the mood of appreciating the scenery of lakes and mountains.




1. Relieve friction

A pair of soft cotton underwear that is enough to fit tightly and durable enough can withstand prolonged contact from outer pants and backpack belts. 

2. Strong moisture absorption and perspiration

A relatively closed environment full of sweat glands is also a paradise for sweat. Outdoor underwear should not be an accomplice of moisture accumulation, but an assistant of moisture absorption and perspiration.

3. Quick drying

Fast drying is just what is needed outdoors. In addition to regular camping, especially for long-distance walking, no one wants to walk with wet underwear on their backs.


4. Antibacterial

Sweat, bacteria, and difficulty in changing and washing all come together, and the smell is too sour. What outdoor underwear can do is to make the fabric antibacterial, control odor, prolong the frequency of changing underwear, and reduce the weight of backpacks.


5. Adjust the microclimate 

A pair of excellent outdoor underwear can keep the inside dry and cool in hot weather, and a qualified pair of outdoor underwear should at least make people not feel cold when wet. So you see, although the underwear is small, there are quite a lot of requirements. So, what kind of outdoor underwear can meet the above conditions?

First of all, of course, look at the fabric.

. The material of camping outdoor underwear

Natural fiber VS man-made fiber VS synthetic fiber, who should choose outdoor underwear material? 

"Should be pure comfortable cotton underwear, not chemical fiber ones", "natural ones are better than chemical fiber ones". This is the consensus on clothing cognition caused by the traditional era. However, with the development of the apparel manufacturing industry, the performance of chemical fibers (man-made fibers, synthetic fibers) has long been comparable to natural fibers such as cotton.

1. Natural fiber cotton underwear, SAY NO for outdoor camping

Cotton, "soft, moisture-absorbing, heat-dissipating, and breathable", this old saying is actually only true when there is little daily sweating. Outdoors, it is currently an unpopular material. Cotton fiber is porous, has a middle cavity, and contains a large number of hydrophilic groups, so it absorbs sweat quickly. However, this kind of material will swell after absorbing a few breaths of sweat, and the fibers will increase and squeeze together. The underwear will have poor air permeability and heat dissipation. The evaporation of water vapor will take away the heat from the skin, making it sticky and cold, and it will become hard after washing too much.


2. Man-made fiber modal and bamboo fiber underwear are better than cotton underwear

Man-made fiber is also called regenerated fiber. Here it mainly refers to the regenerated cellulose fiber manufactured from natural cellulose (cotton, hemp, bamboo, tree, etc.) without changing its chemical structure, but only changing its physical structure. This type of boxer briefs underwear has moisture wicking properties better than cotton underwear.

Bamboo fiber underwear has also entered the outdoor market, mainly containing raw bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber, the former is a natural fiber, and the latter is a man-made fiber. The moisture wicking and natural antibacterial properties of the former are better than those of the latter, both of which are stronger than cotton, because it has the dual advantages of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. For example, modal fibers, viscose fibers, and bamboo pulp fibers in bamboo fibers, while being hydrophilic fibers, have single or multiple grooves on the surface, or irregular sawtooth in the cross section, and the arrangement is not as tight as cotton. The ability to sweat is naturally strong. No wonder this kind of fabric is called "breathing fabric", but in terms of cost, durability, drying speed, light weight and other issues, it is still inferior to synthetic fiber underwear. 

3. Synthetic fiber underwear,an economical and practical choice for outdoor use

With the improvement of technology, underwear made of synthetic fibers such as polyester, nylon, and spandex has strong moisture absorption and perspiration, is lightweight and durable, and has high cost performance. The advantage of this fiber is that it is very processable. For example, traditional polyester is not hydrophilic? Hydrophilic chemical groups can be introduced.

Poor perspiration? Special-shaped nozzle holes are used during spinning to make the surface of the fiber covered with multiple grooves, and arrange a large number of "perspiration channels" for sweat.

Chemical fibers have strong machinability, and various grooves can be processed on the surface 

With this modified synthetic fiber fabric, sweat does not flow into the interior of the fiber, but slips directly from the drainage channel to the surface of the fabric. They make underwear that wicks sweat quickly and dries quickly.

However, because water vapor is easy to accumulate on the surface, the comfort level when wet is not as good as that of wool, and it is easy to smell. You'd better choose synthetic fiber underwear with antibacterial treatment.

4. Wool in natural fibers underwear is another good choice for outdoor underwear materials.

In contrast to cotton, another natural fiber: wool fiber in particular, is the most comfortable choice for outdoors.

Rich in hydrophilic groups and the porosity of wool, wool can strongly absorb and retain sweat, so as to keep the body dry. When it is cold, it can rely on the natural curl to retain air to keep warm, so it is suitable for all seasons. Of course, you need to choose fine and finer wool, and the surface will be smoother. Most of the moisture is "trapped" in the fiber body, and bacteria have no way to attack. This makes wool underwear have a natural antibacterial function, which can reduce the frequency of changing your underwear outdoors. Note: It must have ultra-fine long fibers, which can be woven into fine and soft fabrics, with strong elasticity and no sense of restraint. But wool fiber also has disadvantages, that is, it is expensive, and its durability is not as good as synthetic fiber underwear, but the blending of the two can balance this problem. In addition, it is best to avoid high temperature when washing. 

So, you probably understand that among the materials of outdoor underwear, modal, viscose, and bamboo fiber underwear are better than cotton underwear, but the best choice is these two: I don’t care about the price, I can choose wool fiber underwear, and I don’t mind changing and washing frequently , then choose synthetic fiber underwear. A blend of the two provides the best performance.

For outdoor underwear, after choosing the material, you have to think about the style.

. The style of camping outdoor underwear

How to choose the style of outdoor underwear?

There are so many styles of briefs, boxer briefs, Bikini, shorts and panties, compression pants, how to choose? The short version of the answer to this question should be: underwear that is close-fitting and does not feel like PP is good. Of course, there are styles for men and women.

1. Female version

Briefs are the first choice of most female friends, but if the area covering the buttocks is too small, it is easy to get caught when sitting or standing, and it will increase the uncomfortable feeling when camping or hiking, which is very uncomfortable. Therefore, bikinis should not be a good choice for outdoors. Therefore, a pair of briefs with a close-fitting, medium/high waist, a sufficiently large back half, and a sufficiently wide crotch is more suitable for outdoor use. Except if you have small hips, or if you are more comfortable wearing panties with a narrower crotch.

Finally, if you're constantly struggling with discomfort, try fitted boxer briefs.


2. Men's models

The selection principle of men's briefs is the same as above. More popular, however, are the boxer briefs for men, which are more wrapping and supportive.

The boxer briefs here refer to close-fitting styles. Loose boxer briefs may curl up during continuous walking, and the perspiration effect will be affected if they do not fit the skin.

If you are hiking in the hot season, you can also choose the two-in-one style of shorts and underwear: it looks like loose shorts on the outside, with a thin inner lining inside, which is very cool. Of course, some friends will choose compression pants, but for long-distance hiking or mountaineering, the long-term tight feeling is not a good experience. In addition to fabrics and styles, friends also need to pay attention to some details.


. The details of camping outdoor underwear

As the most personal clothing, every detail of underwear is about comfort.

1. Textile technology

The perspiration performance of underwear is not only affected by the material, but also by the textile process. Also made of synthetic fibers, a pair of light underwear with a mesh design, which is more refreshing in hot weather.

2. Underwear label

A major problem with close-fitting clothing is the label. Outdoors, it is best to choose underwear without labels printed directly on the fabric, so there is no discomfort when camping or hiking.

3. Smooth seams

Flatlock seams, or one-piece panties with no side seams, won't chafe or itch when you walk.

4. Waist workmanship

It is best to avoid designs such as wide elastic bands at the waist, or make sure that such a wide waist does not curl and kink, otherwise it will "snap" under the pressure of the backpack.

5. Allergic constitution

A few people are allergic to wool, even merino wool, or to synthetic fibers, try a hypoallergenic fabric like bamboo, or cotton-blend underwear.


V. Summary:

When camping in the past, many friends thought that "underwear for outdoor camping should not have much impact", so they went up the mountain with a pair of daily underwear, which caused a lot of troubles, or some people had to settle for finding more suitable and comfortable soft underwear.

After reading the above content, I think friends should pay more attention to this little underwear.

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