The Complete Guide to Packing Travel Underwear

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2023/05/26

Are you a globetrotter? Or do you fancy a weekend getaway? Whether you're going on an epic trip to a faraway place, or on a family trip, you need to know what to pack. When it comes to packing, the most important thing is to save space – and one of the keys to saving space is learning how to pack underwear properly.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll teach you how to fold and pack men's and women's underwear to keep your underwear fresh, clean and wearable long after you get home, washed or not.

Folding Underwear for Travel

Before you head to the airport, you might be tempted to tuck all your underwear into the corner of your suitcase (because you're obviously going to be running late).

But just as it is important to wash and maintain our underwear, it is also important to keep them organized! Find out why it's so important to treat your underwear like precious cargo.

Benefits of Folding Underwear for Travel

There are a few worthwhile advantages of taking an extra few minutes to fold and pack your underwear with care:

1. Folding keeps underwear wrinkle-free

2. Folding properly prevents panties from tearing, snags and holes

3. Thoughtful packing means you'll know exactly where to find a clean pair in a pinch

4. Efficiently folding and packing saves space in your suitcase (more room for souvenirs!)

How to Fold Underwear for Travel

Folding underwear for travel is an easy trick. You can learn in minutes and use for a lifetime. Whether you're wearing men's briefs, women's briefs, or sex lacy underwear you only wear on special occasions, we'll show you how to fold underwear for any destination and every itinerary of travel.

How to Fold Mens Underwear

Understanding how to fold men's underwear for travel involves two techniques: the fold and the roll.

You can try out both and see which works better for your style of underwear. Both of these methods utilize the elasticity of the waistband to maintain the structure of the panty.

Here's how to perfect the Fold Method:

1. Lay your boxers on a flat surface. Fold each side vertically toward the crotch area.

2. Fold the side with the elastic band about ⅓ of the way down towards the crotch.

3. Fold the opposite side the rest of the way up, tucking it inside the elastic band. You should be left with a little boxer brief bundle.

Folding Method, not your style? No sweat. It’s time to try the Roll Method, like so:

1. Lay your boxers on a flat surface. Roll the waistband inside-out about 4 inches over the top of the boxers to create a pocket.

2. Fold each side inward vertically toward the crotch area, just like the folding method.

3. From the bottom of the boxers, or the side opposite the waistband, roll towards the crotch until you reach the folded-over waistband. Then, tuck the roll into the waistband pocket. 

How to Fold Women's Underwear

Bottoms up, ladies! Underwear bottoms, that is. Whether you're most comfortable in briefs or give your cheeks some air time in a thong, these Fold and Roll methods works for most styles of women's underwear.

Here's how to implement the panty folds:

Here’s how to pull off the Fold Method for panties:

1. Lay underwear on a flat surface. Fold the crotch up to the top of the waistband.

2. Fold both sides of the waistband inward toward the middle to create a rectangle shape.

3. Fold the entire shape in half once more, creating a small cloth square.

And if you favor a more well-rounded result, here’s how to try the Roll Method:

1. Lay underwear on a flat surface. Fold the crotch up to the top of the waistband.

2. Fold the left side of the underwear over to meet the right side, making a square.

3. Roll the square tightly, moving away from you to create a cylinder shape.

How to Fold Bras

Proper folding techniques are especially important for bra-wearers, as it helps this underwear maintain both structure and elasticity (which naturally are of existential importance to a bra).

These nifty bra-folding tricks can be used for both travel and home storage (you’ll thank us later for the extra dresser space) for numerous bra designs.

Let’s start with how to fold a bralette or spots bras:

1. Lay your bra face-down on a flat surface. Fold the straps down into the center of the bra to create a rectangle shape.

2. Fold each side of the bra inward, over the straps, and into the middle. You can fold once or in thirds for a more compact finish.

As for these bras’ cupped counterparts? Depending on the build of the bra, you’ll want to treat them as follows:

Flexible bras— If you’re folding a bra with soft cups, stack them on top of one another. Crease the elastic once and tuck it beneath (excessively folding your bra elastic can lead to wrinkles or pilling).

Inflexible or delicate bras— If your bra is made of delicate materials or has a robust build, start by laying it flat, face-up. Insert balled socks into the cups to provide cushioning and retain structure, and pack on top of your other clothing to avoid “squishing.”

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