Can Women's Underwear be Washed Together?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2023/05/08

For every female friend who pays attention to physical health and personal hygiene, changing and cleaning underwear every day is a must. Under normal circumstances, women's underwear needs to be changed at least once every two days, but there are very few people who can clean up the changed underwear in time. Underwear is clothing that directly touches women's private parts. For other clothing, the status of underwear is quite special. Underwear must be kept clean and hygienic, so as to reduce the risk of women getting gynecological diseases. Some women may not be able to wash immediately because of their busy work, so they save their underwear together, and some female friends are lazy and don't even bother to change them. There is also a certain amount of attention to washing underwear, and many female friends have certain misunderstandings when washing underwear, so as to cause gynecological diseases, especially the following bad habits. I hope that females will pay attention to it together.

Can women's underwear be washed together?

Women's underwear belongs to close-fitting clothing, which is stained with a lot of sweat and secretions, and because women's private parts are relatively hot and humid, bacteria and mold are easy to breed. If the unwashed underwear is left unwashed, bacteria and mold will grow more. When washing underwear, if the cleaning is not clean enough, these bacteria and molds will enter the women's body through the vagina, causing women to suffer from vaginitis, cervicitis and other diseases.


What aspects should women pay attention to when cleaning underwear?


1. Change and wash

Underwear such as underwear must be changed every day, and it must be washed clean at any time. You can’t be without changing your underwear for several days, and you can't put your underwear together and then wash them. These behaviors are not good for women's reproductive health. Change it every day, wash it every day, and be responsible for your own health.


2. Wash separately

All intimate clothes should be washed separately (especially women’s bra and panty sets underwear) and not mixed with other clothes, especially not all clothes, including underwear, should be washed in the washing machine. Especially socks, do not wash them together, otherwise mold and bacteria will easily cause vaginitis. It is best to have a special basin for underwear, and also use underwear cleaning solution to wash it, so that it is more reassuring to wash it alone, and it can reduce the chance of suffering from gynecological diseases.


3. Clean carefully

When washing underwear, you must be very serious. You can’t wash it casually after a few rubs. In this way, there is no way to completely clean the dirt and bacteria on the underwear. When washing, you must use warm water, then rub it carefully, rinse it with clean water several times, and there should be no detergent residue, otherwise it will be a kind of irritation to women's private parts.


4. Put it in the sun to dry

For the sake of convenience, some women put the underwear indoors to let it dry naturally after washing. In fact, this kind of behavior is not appropriate. The best way is to dry it in the sun, which has a better anti-virus effect. In addition, drying underwear in the sun can dry relatively quickly. If it is placed in the bathroom, it should not be easy to dry. The humid environment is also easy to breed bacteria, which is not good for women's health.


Cleaning underwear is also a matter that requires effort. After all, underwear is close to women's private parts. If the underwear is not cleaned, it is also a danger to the health of women's private parts. I hope everyone can do a good job in the above points that need to be paid attention to when cleaning underwear. The details determine success or failure.


In fact, underwear cleaning is mainly for the purpose of cleaning and sterilization. Ultraviolet light itself is a good disinfectant, so special cleaning fluid can be bought and used, as long as it is a regular brand, but the main thing is to do a good job of cleaning, because the vulva itself also has a good antibacterial effect. barrier to prevent infection.


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