Six Mistakes of Wearing Women’s Underwear

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/08/05

When it comes to what to wear, women have a lot more choices than men: most men only swing in suits and T-shirts and jeans, but women can choose skirts, dresses, high heels, boots, boots, and more.


Such gender differences also extend to "underwear". Women, on average, spend more money on the inside than men. In order to save money, time and convenience, in addition to buying the right pair of comfortable breathable underwear, how to take care of them is also a university question. Here are 6 common life mistakes about underwear that you can easily avoid:


1. Body Type

Not only a good figure and an expensive underwear can be sexy and beautiful. The key is: the right high-quality underwear for your body type! It is generally recommended that women with a pear-shaped body can choose breathable boxer briefs underwear, because the lower edge of the buttocks is wider, and the boxer underwear can modify the line between the buttocks and the thighs. The high-cut underwear is more suitable for people with a waistline or an hourglass figure. People with short legs should try to avoid wide panties with four corners. Thin-strap briefs can modify the visual effect of the legs.


2. Dimensions

 Picking the right size underwear is also a worry for many ladies. Are you still reluctant to throw away the underwear that is still in the market, or wear a piece of underwear for several years, and the elasticity of the waistband and shoulder straps are gone? Women are recommended not to ignore the influence of the correct underwear size on the body shape. Wearing the wrong underwear can easily lead to problems such as sagging breasts, buttocks or auxiliary breasts. When choosing underwear, it is recommended to try it on or buy the right size, please adjust the clerk appropriately, and the belt and shoulder strap should not be too tight or too loose. Women slip underwear that are too tight or too loose can make you feel very unhappy throughout the day! As for the chest, underwear with enough width on the side can effectively focus on raising the chest and avoid back pain. If the bra is too tight, it is easy to squeeze the skin and blood vessels and it is also not beautiful and natural.


3. Shapewear

Just like a bra that's too small can't really achieve the effect of centering your height, shapewear won't really make you thinner or smaller. Choosing a shapewear that is too tight will only have the opposite effect on the body, squeezing out the excess flesh and causing discomfort to the internal organs and the pressure on the skin's blood vessels. Shapewear usually focuses on temporarily modifying the body, making sure you don't have difficulty moving or breathing while wearing the shapewear, without causing blood circulation problems and health risks.


4. Material & Fabric

Underwear is the first layer of fabric that has direct contact with the body, and the material should be the primary consideration. Cotton fabric underwear is usually recommended, but 100% cotton underwear is easy to shrink and deform, which is why most comfortable cotton underwear is 95% cotton and 5% spandex elastic fiber. Try to choose materials that are breathable and sweat-absorbing, and avoid multiple layers of decoration and heavy fabrics. Also, sleepwear in pajamas should avoid body-skinning effects or synthetic materials. Wearing shapewear overnight is not recommended, your body needs room to relax naturally. Underwear made of too many synthetic materials can also cause airtightness and rashes. Whether it is going to work or going to bed, comfortable and suitable materials are the primary consideration.


Second, Lace is generally recognized as a sexy beauty. Unfortunately, sexy lace underwear for ladies is usually thin, inelastic, and not very supportive. It is also easy to show contours when wearing tight clothes or dresses. Likewise, lace panties don't perform as well in terms of comfort and sweat absorption. It is recommended to choose a flat and comfortable fabric, or at least the inner part that touches the skin, it must be a fabric that is comfortable and absorbent.


5. Home Wear

Most of women do the first thing when they get home from get off work is to take off their bras to relieve the stress of the day. This is no problem for women with small busts. However, for those with large breasts, it is recommended to wear sport bra set, which can still provide some support for the chest, better for the muscles of the chest and back, and comfortable sport bra set are also better than ordinary underwear.


6. Color

Not only underwear fabric, but color is also a science. Unless you deliberately want your underwear to show through, the general principle of wearing it is of course a light-colored coat with a light-colored underwear. Dark underwear are generally considered to be easier to absorb heat. Wearing dark colors in winter and light colors in summer is also a rule that many people follow. Conversely, wearing a white underwear inside a black outfit can sometimes be reflected under the lights of a nightclub or party.


Men usually buy a whole dozen to take home, without thinking too much about color or style. But there are many small places for women to worry about. Hope these 6 points can give you some little help!


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