Top 3 Automatic Machine for Improving Production Efficiency in Underwear Factory

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/08/09

With the improvement of people's living standards, the wages of workers are rising year by year, the employees' awareness of the legal system has been enhanced, and the effective measures of labor laws have greatly increased the cost of overtime labor. Therefore, the cost of the entire labor force is getting higher and higher. If some factories cannot effectively stabilize the workforce, resulting in the loss of some technical backbones and skilled workers, this will put forward new requirements for management. Because of this, the future development trend is to replace labor with machines as much as possible, which can not only increase labor productivity exponentially, but also facilitate effective management.

Let's take a look at how these advanced automated machines in underwear factories bring tangible and calculable benefits to the factory.


1. Automatic Spreading Machine

In the cutting process of the underwear industry, the use of automatic spreading machines can ensure quality, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Quality: The effect of spreading before cutting directly affects the quality of the finished underwear. After cutting, the adverse effects will always appear on the finished product and cannot be remedied. This situation often occurs in the original manual spreading process. The automatic spreading machine will not have such a situation at all.

Cost: At least two people are required to spread the cloth by hand, and it is also limited by many subjective factors, while the automatic cloth spreading machine only needs one person to operate.

Efficiency: Labor is prone to fatigue and emotions, which will directly affect efficiency. The automatic spreading machine can work at high speed for a long time, which not only improves the efficiency but also ensures the quality of the product.


2. Elastic Band Automatic Cutting Machine 

Webbing is widely used, especially for personalized boxer briefs, printed boxer shortsyouth boxer briefs, spandex boxer underwear and sports underwear, the processing equipment of the webbing also requires a high degree of automation, and the effect is exquisite. In principle, the shearing effect has burrs, scattered edges, uneven incisions or yellowing and scorching. In order to improve this situation, using the ultrasonic principle to cut the webbing, it can realize automatic cutting, ultrasonic sealing, no yellowing and coke, and achieve the ideal effect. The main equipment for webbing shearing are: automatic webbing shearing machine, automatic webbing punching shearing machine, and semi-automatic desktop webbing shearing machine, all of which use the principle of ultrasonic to complete the shearing of webbing.

The automatic ribbon cutting machine adopts ultrasonic cutting, and the incision is complete and beautiful.

Automatic Elastic Band Shearing Machine

Using ultrasonic cutting tape, the incision is complete and beautiful, the trimming edge is neat and smooth, no burrs, no scattered edges, and the incision is not black, and the effect is the best. .

The machine adopts Chinese control system for automatic material, fast speed, simple and efficient length adjustment, and can cut multiple pieces at the same time.


Automatic Elastic Band Punching Shearing Machine

The automatic elastic band punching and shearing machine uses the principle of ultrasonic vibration and friction to generate heat energy instantly. The mold or cutter contacts the ultrasonic vibration surface under the pressure of the cylinder, so as to achieve the effect of cutting, welding or perforation. The edge of the cut or punched hole is automatically sealed, no blackening, no burning, no hardening, no loose edges, comfortable hand feeling, and excellent sealing effect.

Scope of application: Elastic band, ribbons, synthetic fiber fabrics, chemical fiber blended materials, Velcro (hook and loop tapes) and other tape-shaped rolls containing more than 30% of chemical fiber components.

Semi-Automatic Desktop Elastic Band Shearing Machine

Ultrasonic cutting, the incision is complete and beautiful, the cutting edge is neat and smooth, no burrs, no scattered edges, and the cutting effect is excellent

This machine adopts air cylinder to control the pressure, foot switch, manual material, the table is equipped with a scale steel ruler, and the length can be adjusted at will.

It is suitable for cutting elastic ropes and webbing ribbons, and can be cut in straight, oblique and dovetail shapes.

Scope of application: It is suitable for packaging, gifts, clothing, ribbon cutting and other industries, and is favored by customers for its beautiful and beautiful cutting effect.

The elastic band shearing machine makes the sheared products more beautiful, firmer, and more efficient and quicker in production efficiency.


3. Automatic Elastic Band Patchwork Sewing Machine 

The automatic elastic band patch sewing machine has the automatic cutting function, which can realize automatic and precise cutting according to the length of the elastic band, and can automatically transfer the cut elastic band to the sewing part without manual operation, and realize the close alignment of the two ends of the elastic band, which is automatically perfect. The stitching and sewing are accurately aligned. The work efficiency of the entire process of a single machine is equivalent to 4-5 times that of the traditional process, which greatly saves production time.

It is mainly used for stitching and sewing of elastic bands of men's and women's sportswear, underwear, and skirts.

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