How to Improve Lean Production Management Level For Unitex Underwear Factory China Enterprise?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/10/17

In the last article, we described "Unitex Underwear Manufactures - Lean Production and Quality Management" in detail, so how can we improve the level of lean production management in the Unitex underwear manufactures enterprise? In the past two decades, the application of lean production has spread all over the world, and the theory of lean production has been continuously enriched. Lean Six Sigma is the most perfect management method. It is a management method obtained by the combination of Six Sigma management method and lean production method, representing the highest level of enterprise management in the world.


Improve Unitex underwear enterprise lean production management level


If any good management theory or method is not combined with the actual situation of the enterprise, it will not bring help and change to the enterprise. Management methods can be learned and applied, but management models can only be used for reference. The essence of lean production management is still inseparable from the perfect management system of the enterprise, including the corporate culture of positive, unity and cooperation. For small and medium-sized enterprises, what should we learn from lean production management? The following Unitex underwear factory China enterprise lean production experts for you to analyze as follows:


1. Learning process specification, precise production


Optimizing and perfecting the operation process should be the primary task for enterprises to improve work efficiency and efficiency. Without a standardized way of doing things, there will be no lean production. Precise production requires accurate and thorough planning, and the ability to predict and predict. It requires timely supply and on-time delivery for the upper and lower supply chains, with zero defective products and zero inventory.


2. Learn and introduce total quality management methods


The so-called total quality management is full, comprehensive and all-round quality management. In the 1980s, it was widely implemented in state-owned enterprises and achieved remarkable results. Total quality management emphasizes that quality is produced rather than inspected, and the final quality is guaranteed by quality management in production. Quality inspection and control in the production process are carried out in each process. Such as the first pieces three inspection system, random inspection, patrol inspection, etc., to ensure timely detection of quality problems. If quality problems are found in the production process, according to the situation, production can be stopped immediately until the problem is solved, so as to ensure that there is no invalid processing of substandard products. This is how the zero-defect product quality is produced.We Unitex Underwear has our own professional QC team, which can control the high quality boxer shorts management control in this aspect very well.


3. Learning and continuous optimization and continuous improvement


Lean production is not only a production method with the main goal of minimizing the resources occupied by enterprise production and reducing enterprise management and operating costs, that is, obtaining the maximum output with the smallest input, it is also a concept, a culture. The implementation of lean production is the pursuit of excellence, the pursuit of excellence and perfection, and continuous efforts to achieve the ultimate goal of seven zeros. So I prefer to call lean production the perfect management art.


Continuously optimize, eliminate all waste, remove all useless things in the production process, and remove all non-value-added jobs; continuous improvement, streamlining all non-value-added work in product development, design, production, and management. In the long run, any enterprise can achieve Seven zero (zero" waste of man-hours in production conversion, "zero" inventory, "zero" waste, "zero" defect, "zero" failure, "zero" stagnation, and "zero" disaster) realm of enterprise management. Perfect art is the result of accumulation over time. The ancients of China said "Aim high and lofty". Pursuing the seven-zero realm should become the goal of enterprise production management. The way to achieve this goal is continuous optimization and continuous improvement.


How to improve the management level of enterprise lean production? The above is Unintex Chinese underwear manufactures enterprise lean production consulting experts related introduction. We must do a good job in the lean production management of the enterprise, so as to promote the rapid development of our enterprise and help the enterprise solve the problem. Some questions, which are very important to our business development.


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