How to Make a Good Pair of Underwear --Experiences From Unitex Underwear Manufacturer

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/10/14

How to make a good pair of underwear? Some say it's comfortable, some say it's antibacterial, some say it's sexy, some say it's stylish, and some say it's cute. Let's think about it, for a pair of underwear, what is your biggest demand and biggest pain point? We did a lot of user survey and the information that came back to us was comfortable!


If it is comfortable, how comfortable should it be to be considered really comfortable? I summed up a word called "air-level no feeling", that is, you don't have any feeling when you wear this underwear. The feeling to me is that it will make people who don't wear underwear enjoying wearing them.


Now allow me to speak about our experiences how to make a pair of good underwear from the following aspects:

1.  Fabric

A. Cotton Material

Pure cotton fabric is soft and hygroscopic. But the elasticity is average, the moisture in expelling is poor, not easy to dry. So men who sweat a lot need to consider when wearing, so as not to easily cause eczema.

B. Nylon Material

Nylon is also called Polyamide, which has the characteristics of fast drying, wear -resistant, and high bombs. It is light and soft, not easy to deform, and also has better moisture absorption. And more used in the production of sexy lace underwear for women and moisture wicking underwear for men.

C. Modal Material

Modal is a kind of recycled fiber, which is softer than other fabrics, and has better strength and toughness. It has the ability to absorb sweats significantly higher than pure cotton products. The disadvantage is that it is too soft and thin, with poor support for muscles, and it is easy to show old. Some panties are made of cotton and Modal, which is much more comfortable in body feel.

D. Bamboo Fiber Material

Bamboo fiber is a pure natural fabric, and the raw material is extracted from naturally growing bamboo. In addition to fibrous fineness, dry strong indicators, and hygroscopic perspiration capacity than ordinary cotton fabrics, it also has natural antibacterial, bacteriostatic, mite removal, deodorant and anti -ultraviolet function.

Pure natural blended fabrics, the proportion of gold fabrics, make the underwear have strong comfort, breathability, sweat absorption, but also have a natural antibacterial. This kind of fabric is very soft, skin sticking, good elastic, and a very strong sense of experience, which can give us the best care for the private department.

2. Antibacterial

In the era of healthy daily chemical brands, a antibacterial underwear was developed. Their R & D team extracted some effective substances extracted from tea, and then used the spinning process to convert fiber. That piece of cloth is named "Tea Crotch" for this technology. The tea crotch has a good antibacterial effect. This raw material and process have been used in the underwear products for the first time. It has been registered and applied for patent protection.

3. Waist Elastic Belt

For underwear, the quality and design of the belt have a great impact on the experience. The high -quality belt is very soft, light and thin, the breathability is very good, the elasticity is long -lasting, and there is no trace, which can easily control all kinds of weight.


4. Overstitch

The quality of the good edge is supporting the sense of experience. At present, the world's best -edged sewing wire supplier is the British Gaos Group. This company has a history of about 260 years in the UK and is global. The well -known clothing brands it serves include Jenia, CK, Victoria's secrets.

5. Care-label

Everyone wore underwear. If there is a label behind it, it will be uncomfortable and itching. The characteristic of high -quality labels is to eliminate itching. At present, most of the high -end brands use European imported raw materials for pressing, environmentally friendly and non -toxic, without any feeling, and do not feel the slightest sense of excitement.

6. Pocket Design

Underwear does not absorb moisture and exhaust air, heat and sweat will cause crotch burning and odor, in the long run, and it may also affect the quality of male sperm. Therefore, the setting of men's underwear bag is very important, and must have enough space and hygroscopic breathability.


7. Cutting

According to the habit of wearing underwear, independent brand underwear has made some details upgrades. The position of the trouser legs was widened so as to avoid strangulation of the leg; the bottom of the waves was lengthened, giving the private parts more space, increasing comfort, and not feeling its discomfort at all during exercise.


8. Dyeing

The colorful and complicated underwear, indicating that the chromosome is also used more. Chemicals may stimulate private parts, causing allergies such as redness and itching. When choosing underwear, try to choose natural colors, especially children's underwear, such as milky girl's shorts and light gray boy’s boxer briefs.


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