The Interesting Knowledges of Men’s Boxer Briefs With Waistband

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/05/27

Some people say that half of a man's sexy come from his abdominal muscles and the other half comes from his underwear. Is it real? No one knows, but you might want to know something interesting about the waistband of boxer briefs.


  • Do you notice the waistband when you buy the underwear?
  • Did you notice the waistband when you bought him boxer briefs?

Don't underestimate the inconspicuous waistband on men's underwear. In fact, it is a very important part of the design of men's underwear. The overall appearance and comfort of men's underwear is closely related to the waistband. Although most people focus on what the logo on the waistband is. I think the most important part of underwear is not only the type of fabric, but also the waistband. It is very necessary for customers to choose underwear with a appropriate and comfortable waistband.




When Did The Waistband Appear?

If you really want to trace the birth of the waistband then it may take 10,086 words to talk about it, so I suggest you look at the freestyle from gee-string to sexy armor, men's underwear. According to the data, in the early 1950s, the jockey Y-fronts series produced by Coopers introduced the design of elastic band underwear for the first time, which is an important symbol of men's underwear from cleaning to comfort. This means that underwear no longer needs a ton of straps, buttons, and possibly the original men's underwear waistband. Calvin Klein pioneered the printing of logos on belts.


Variety of Waistbands

When many people mention men's underwear, they will talk about wearing bikini briefs underwear and boxers underwear. They never talk about what kind of waistband they like. Today, I have to call the underwear waistband, let you re-understand the part of men's underwear that cannot be ignored --waistband. If you look closely at the waistband of the underwear, you'll find subtle differences in the waistband of each panty.


▲ Yarn-dyed jacquard process



▲ Digital printing



▲ Adhesive seamless waistband



Looking at the underwear waistband in the pictures above, in fact, the craftsmanship of each is different. Yarn-dyed jacquard, digital printing, non-marking glued... These are all designs made by designers with comfort and fashion in mind, thus showing the overall beauty of each pair of underwear.


High elasticity VS low elasticity

If you look closely at the waistband, you will find that the elasticity of the waistband of each pair of underwear is not exactly the same.


High elasticity



Low elasticity






General waistbands are divided into high elastic, low elastic and ordinary waistband according to the material. Relatively speaking, the low-elastic waist belt is more comfortable and soft, but it is difficult for ordinary people to distinguish which is the low-elastic waist belt at a glance. Therefore, when buying underwear, it is recommended to touch the waistband with your hand to see if it is soft and comfortable. Maybe you might need to open the pack and take the underwear out to have a better checking of the waistband not only the fabric.


Wide Waistband vs Thin Waistband

Generally, the width of the waistband of men's underwear is about 3.5cm, and there are four types: 2.5cm, 3.0cm, 3.5cm, and 4.0cm. 


The underwear waistbands that are often sold on the market are 3.0cm and 3.5cm. This width will not be as easy to stretch as 2.5cm, nor will it be too wide like 4.0cm and easy to roll up. Seeing this, do you think that the waistband, this inconspicuous detail on men's underwear, actually contains a lot of design elements. Whether it is visually beautiful or functional, it has its brilliance that cannot be ignored.


▲Suitable for the needs of different customers

When choosing each pair of underwear, each customer's waist and body shape are different, and different underwear waistband will be required to achieve a more comfortable and beautiful effect. Of course, if you want to get more professional advice, it is recommended that you customize a set of underwear, Unitex private custom underwear, professional designers will serve you alone and customize the most suitable underwear for you.




More suitable men’s boxer briefs with soft waistband is customized for you by Unitex..

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