Knowledge: What Type of Printing is Best For Underwear

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/05/24

With the improvement of people's living standards, traditional solid-color fabrics have no longer been able to meet people's pursuit of high-quality life. However, you could have a variety of choices in various printing patterns, which greatly enriches people's material life enjoyment. Do you want to experience a different kind of printed underwear, but you don't know what kind of printed underwear to choose? Maybe you should know what type of printing is best for underwear.


We should have an idea of different types of common prints.


1. Transfer Printing

First, the pigment is printed on the paper by the printing method to make transfer printing paper, and then the color is transferred to the fabric through high temperature (heating and pressure on the back of the paper), which is generally used for chemical fiber fabrics, which are characterized by bright colors and fine layers. The pattern is realistic and artistic, but the process is currently only suitable for a few synthetic fibers such as polyester. The transfer printing process is simple, the investment is small, and the production is flexible. It is currently more popular in the market... But to be honest, the price of this transfer printing is a little higher than other printing types, but it has a certain grade.

Transfer printing is generally suitable for boy boxersboy briefs, and girls brief underwear with partially printed patterns.

 Boy BoxersBoy BriefsGirls Brief Underwear

2. Discharge Printing

Discharge printing uses dyes that are not resistant to discharge agents to dye the ground color. After drying, print with a color dye printing paste containing discharge agents or both containing discharge agents. It is destroyed and decolorized, forming a white pattern on the color ground or a colored pattern formed by dyeing with color dyes. Also known as pull white or color pull. Can it make it look like the clothes have been washed with water? The color of the clothes seems to have been washed off a lot, mottled. In fact, this is a print. The principle of the print is to pull out the color of the fabric fibers and turn it into another lighter color. , as strong as the washing effect, it is a cool print for men's clothing.

Discharge printing is generally suitable for breathable boxer underwear that is all overprinted.

Breathable Boxer Underwear 

3. Water Slurry Printing

The so-called water-based slurry is a kind of water-based slurry, which is not strong in the hand feeling and coverage when printed on clothes. It is only suitable for printing on light-colored fabrics. The price is relatively flat, and it belongs to the lower-end printing type. But it also has an advantage, because it will not affect the original texture of the fabric, so it is more suitable for large-area printing patterns. Features Soft feel and bright color, but the major drawback of water slurry is that the color of the water slurry is lighter than the cloth color, and if the cloth color is darker, the water slurry cannot cover it at all. Printing intermediate colors on intermediate-tone fabrics is prone to color collision. For example, printing blue on red fabrics is prone to undesired purples, etc., and printing multi-color water-based slurries are prone to color change.

Water slurry printing is suitable for small floral printing, and the color of the printing pattern needs to be darker than the cloth color of children's cotton underwear.

 Children's Cotton Underwear

4. Plastisol Printing

After the appearance of plastisol printing and its wide application in a water slurry, because of its good coverage, any light color can be printed on dark clothes, and it has a certain gloss and three-dimensional effect, making the underwear look more high-end. , so it quickly became popular, and it is used on almost every printed underwear. However, because it has a certain hardness, it is not suitable for large-area solid patterns. It is best to print large-area patterns with water slurry, and then embellish some plastisol printing, which can not only solve the problem of the hardness of large-area plastisol printing but also highlight the pattern. There is also a way to steal a large area of ​​the field pattern to make a rotten effect, but it is always a bit hard to wear, so it is better to combine water and plastisol printing to solve the problem of large-area printing. . There are glossy and matte surfaces, soft to the touch, thin and environmentally friendly, and can be stretched. Generally speaking, plastisol printing is more commonly used. Both plastisol printing and water slurry printing can be washed with water. Compared with the price, the plastisol printing is still more affordable than the water slurry.

Plastisol printing is suitable for children underpants with small patterns or logos.

 Children Underpants

5. Reactive Printing

The type of process that uses the chemical reaction between the active raw material and the fabric to remove the fabric color and replace it with the desired printing color. Advantages: It feels very soft, and the color is bright. It can be divided into white, color, and denim. Disadvantages: Repeated experiments are required according to different fabric components, the operator's experience requirements are high, the proofing cycle is relatively long, and the cost is high.

Reactive printed fabrics are generally used for comfortable and breathable men's underwear made of cotton spandex, modal, or bamboo fibers.


6. Hot Stamping and Silvering

After printing with special materials, a novel printing effect of metallic texture is obtained by thermal transfer of anodized aluminum to the clothes. Pros: Looks upscale and shiny. Disadvantages: At present, the quality of bronzing foil is unstable, the high import price is not conducive to small batch production, and the washability is not good. Experienced employees are required to operate the production.

Hot gold hot silver is suitable for the embellishment on the small pattern, which makes the girls brief underwear and cute girly panties look shiny and cute.

 Girls Brief UnderwearCute Girly Panties

Okay, you have a general idea about the printing type and how to choose the correct printed underwear for your family.


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