What is the Difference Between Briefs and Boxer Briefs?

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/07/05

Underwear is a must-have piece of intimate clothing for everyone in the real life, and as fashion continues to evolve, people has officially said goodbye to "homemade" underwear. However, in the current market, there are also many kinds of underwear: sexy brief panties, sexy G-string underwear, stability of briefs underwear, rather conservative & comfortable cotton boxer underwear and special function underwear and so on. Today, what we want to discuss with you is the difference between briefs underwear and boxer briefs underwear, whether briefs or boxer briefs are better, and how they should be worn.

First of all, from the perspective of men or boys, compared with the compactness of briefs, the looseness of boxer briefs underwear has won the favor of many people, especially doctors recommend that most male friends wear this style of underwear. The scrotum is very sensitive to the temperature of the outside world. It has no subcutaneous fat and is rich in sweat glands, which helps to dissipate heat.


For women or girls, because of the different body structures, they can wear briefs or boxers. Briefs will be more feminine, and when wearing tights, the trails of the briefs will be clearly revealed. Briefs are more suitable for looser trousers or skirts. Friends who choose skirts also need to choose a pair of safety underpants, so as to effectively prevent them from running out. Boxer briefs are more tight, more sexy, and more suitable for dresses. Boxer briefs also have the effect of lifting the hips, which can reflect the perfect curve of your buttocks. There is no difference between the triangle and the flat angle, mainly the tightness of the fabric and the underwear.


Point 1: The hip curve

If you don't want to see the underwear trails on your outer pants, you can wear tight boxer pants, but ordinary boxer pants are easy to sag if you wear them for a long time. Briefs are relatively hip. But there are also boxers that specifically lift the hips, you can choose according to your own preferences.


Point 2: The comfortable

Wearing boxers is much more comfortable than wearing briefs, and there will be no pressure.


Point 3: The terms of fitting

The advantages of briefs include that they are closer to the body and are not easy to run out, and are more conducive to protecting privacy and isolating dirty things. The design of the boxer pants is loose and has no sense of restraint, and the movement is relatively free, but if the thigh circumference of the soft cotton boxer briefs underwear is too small, it will be uncomfortable to wear the thigh tight.




Generally speaking, briefs and boxers are made in the same way. The basic process can be roughly divided into the following steps:

- Fabric composition: front, back and crotch

- Waist head composition: elastic band (polyester basis elastic band, nylon basis band or lace)

- Sewing steps:

First of all we connect the crotch to the front piece. Using the overlock method, no burrs can be seen after sewing, and no overlocking is required.


Then, sew the crotch and the back piece together, also using the hemming method. In this way, we will connect the front and rear pieces and the current piece together and expand it, which is a whole piece.


Next, sew the two sides seam, and the side seam is still overlocked. When sewing, let's look at the front and back of the fabric, don't make a mistake.


Finally, sew the waist elastic (the elastic need to be sewn on the sewing machine, when sewing the waist, you should stretch the elastics by your hands to make the elastics even and neat).


Whether it is briefs or boxer briefs, choose the one that suits you best.

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