The Relationship Between Pajamas and Sleep

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2023/02/27

One third of a person's life is spent in sleep. If he does not sleep for five days, he will die. This shows that sleep plays an important role in people. But even if "sleep" is something we must do every day, can you really "sleep"?

Many women are exhausted after a day's work. How can they feel comfortable and sleep soundly every night? Good sleep is not only related to sleeping posture, time and environment, but also a set of suitable pajamas. When you sleep in pajamas that make you feel good, you will sleep better. So, what kind of pajamas should we choose?

1. Comfort

Prioritize how the pajamas feel when you put them on, most importantly. “Comfort is an essential component of getting a good night’s sleep”, says Dr. Shelby Harris, director of sleep health at Sleepopolis. “Everything from your mattress to the pajamas you wear can have an impact on your physical health and sleep quality.”

When you’re comfortable in bed, she says, you’ll ultimately be able to fall asleep more easily and be less likely to wake up frequently throughout the night.  

2. Style

“The current trend in pajamas is nightwear that’s both stylish and comfortable-meaning, women are buying sleepwear that’s flattering and feels good to the touch”, says Kaufman. “In recent years, pajama options have increased exponentially. Current popular styles include classic and tailored pajamas and nightdress, chemise gowns with matching robes, sexy negligees, and cute camisole tops and matching shorts.” In the end, though, the pajama style you choose is all about personal preference. Menswear-inspired pajamas tend to be popular as they’re roomy, somewhat structured, and often come in a variety of prints and fabrics—from classic cotton to silk to bamboo. If you like extra airiness, you may opt for a set with shorts, or a nightgown or sleep shirt.


3. Fabric

Fabric choice is key, and you should consider factors such as softness, stretch, breathability, warmth, ease of care, and how fabrics wear over time. Pajamas come in a wide variety of fabrics, including cotton, bamboo, flannel, silk, linen, wool, fleece, or potentially even some sort of sleep performance blend. Bamboo, linen and light cottons to be popular in warm climates, while warmer fabrics like silk, fleece, thicker brushed cotton flannels or cashmere are mainstays in cooler areas or where sleepers may prefer going to bed with a window cracked open in winter. 

Cotton and Linen: “For summer, cotton and linen are typically the lightest and softest materials you can wear to sleep,” she says.” In the winter, you’ll likely see heavier variations, but with different characteristics. For example, flannel is usually made from cotton that’s brushed on the surface so it becomes napped and fluffy. That fabric treatment traps warm air and results in extra insulation.”

Silk: “Silk is a luxurious fabric that feels fantastic to touch, has luster, and gives one a sense of leading an elevated lifestyle when worn. It tends to keep you warmer than cotton especially in the winter, but it all depends on the density of the yarns and weave. In addition, silk has good drape, is durable and wicks away moisture from the skin.”

Bamboo, Beech and Eucalyptus Fabrics: “Bamboo comes from a fast-growing reed and has wonderful anti-microbial and absorbent properties. Bamboo fabrics are often made from regenerated bamboo fibers into rayon. Modal also sold under the trademark of Tencel—is from wood chips of beech trees made into rayon. Tencel fabrics are biodegradable and their manufacturing processes take into consideration issues of sustainable raw materials sourcing and manufacturing. Lyocell is made specifically from wood chips (regenerated cellulosic fibers) of Eucalyptus trees and has excellent wicking properties that allow for a cooling effect. These fabrics feel luxurious, soft, silky and smooth to touch, have good moisture management and are breathable, drape beautifully, and are often softer than cotton. However, it’s not entirely natural and is referred to as a manufactured fiber.”

4. Season

When a person wears pajamas that are not seasonally appropriate, they feel cold or sweaty while sleeping, which can reduce the quality of sleep. Therefore, choosing pajamas in the right fabric for the season is essential for a comfortable and peaceful sleep. Wear wool, velvet, coral, cotton or cotton pajamas to keep you warm in winter. Velvet is another great fabric for winter pajamas. With its warm and smooth surface, velvet pajamas made of silk, wool, rayon and other fibers can help you sleep on cold winter nights.

In summer, when wearing knitted, cotton and silk pajamas, they are light, soft and elastic. Moreover, cotton has strong hygroscopicity and can well absorb sweat on the skin. Cotton pajamas are soft and breathable, less irritating to the skin, and will not cause allergy and itching. Therefore, such pajamas are the most comfortable to wear.

5. Color

Pajamas should be as far as possible to choose light and elegant colors. From the perspective of health, dark dyes are not good for health, especially bright red and bright blue will make people difficult to relax, thus affecting rest. Elegant color has the effect of calming the eyes and mind, and is more conducive to sleep.


6. Size

Many pajamas come with size guides for consumers, but it’s important to choose a size that matches your body size. It is better to choose a larger size rather than a smaller one. It must not be too small or just right, so that you can sleep with enough relaxation. Large pajamas can ensure maximum comfort, improve sleep quality, and do not tighten the chest, abdomen and other parts during sleep, resulting in poor blood circulation. If you are worried about being too broad and bulky, you can choose the appropriate slim style, as long as you ensure that your body is not bound.

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