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  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/09/06

If you feel like your life hasn't gotten better lately, there may be an unusual trick that can make you better, and that is changing into a different color of underwear.


A lot of people think that the color of underwear doesn't matter because others can't see it, but color response analyst Anjel Obryant said, "Every color vibrates on a different level, and whether you can see it or not, it will penetrate your skin, your entire body, and then your head. A person's bottom energy center is in the lower abdomen, where the underwear is, so color is especially important. "The color of your underwear will continue to affect your mood and state of mind, even if you can't see it on ordinary days.


Regular people tend to find black underwear sexy, but according to Obryant, wearing black underwear in the bedroom is a bad choice, because black, white or grey, these three colors do not vibrate. "Black is not the sexiest panty color, it counteracts the energy.


People who sell underwear tell us that black is sexy, but it's not scientifically speaking, black underwear is bad for your energy, she said, in the terms of the way people see you and the message that the color communicate, you should wear red underwear in the bedroom. " Wearing red underwear is sexy. The message it sends is that you are outgoing and need physical strength. "


Yellow underwear means that you are very smart and sociable.


The same idea applies to all clothing, even house renovations. If you have an important interview, for women, you should wear something as dark blue as the ocean. "It's a very calming color and it shows you're professional," says Obryant. For men: "The safest thing to wear is a dark blue suit with no stripes and directional patterns on your tie. A lake green or teal tie with a light blue shirt is the bottom line of safety."


People are trying to get better sleep, or trying to get their kids to sleep better, and Obryant says you have two options: "Buy light blue or light pink sheets, or pajamas of the same color(comfortable pajamas for summer and comfortable sleep shorts), that will help you fall asleep, because these two colors are very relaxing and calming.”


Pale blue and pale pink underwear aids sleep.


"Sometimes, you're subconsciously attracted to a color because it has the energy your body needs. What makes you subconsciously attracted is the color vibration you need." For this reason, children often have more say in the color of their bedroom. "Brown can be boring and lower your energy, and lake green can help your child's learning because it's good for their eyes if they're staring at a computer for hours on end," says Obryant.


Pure white symbolizes the pure, kind heart of women and is considered the perfect color, and white usually has positive connotations relative to black.


Generally, white underwear is the best choice for women in summer. It can not only avoid the embarrassment caused by thin clothing, but also maintain a simple and fresh innocence in my heart. No matter which one it is, it is very charming.


Black and grey are taboo. Black means depression, and grey means indifference,. 55% of people's intuitive impression of you comes from seeing you for the first time. "You don't have a second chance to change a first impression, so choose your colors carefully!"


The various colors represent the following meanings:

Blue: I am in charge, trustworthy and independent

Red: I am sexually active, active, and outgoing

Green: I am stable, caring, and safe

Dark red: sociable and emotional

Lavender: I'm mentally sensitive

Yellow: I'm sociable and smart

Orange: I am good at communication and action-oriented

Pink: I am compassionate

Light blue: I am creative

Silver: I am romantic and noble


Each piece of underwear represents a different mood. If you want to change your mood, you might start with another piece of underwear. Unitex underwear adheres to the design concept of simplicity, texture, freedom and comfort, and customizes skin-friendly soft cotton underwear and moisture wicking boxer briefs for you. Modern, gorgeous, elegant, sexy and other styles of underwear release the lingering femininity, highlighting the charm and tenderness of women, and the god-like affinity that causes heterosexual love and adds to the love.

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