Seven Common Mistakes Which Damage Your Health - Men's Underwear

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/08/01

In our life, underwear can be said to be an indispensable item. Male friends should be cautious when choosing underwear, because once the wrong underwear is selected, it is likely to affect the health of the genitals and seriously affect future fertility problems. Therefore, men should be cautious when choosing underwear. What are the dangers of men wearing the wrong underwear?


I bet you're very curious to see how your underwear choices affect your body.


I just wanted to tell you to overcome 7 common mistakes which most people make them.


The first most common mistakes is too tight underwear


A lot of men wear undergarments that are too tight (the purpose can be imagined), but they can be uncomfortable throughout the day and need to be adjusted every now and then to make some room for your "little brother". Wearing tight underwear for extended periods of time can cause severe chafing and even inflammation.

Men’s underwear should fit snugly around the waist and thighs, like this: in the crotch area, there should also be extra room for maximum support and comfort.


The second mistake is to wear special material functional underwear as everyday underwear


These technical or performance underwear may feel good against the skin, but these customized boxer shorts underwear often use synthetic fabrics that are not breathable, and the natural fibers absorb heat and moisture, which can cause irritation to the skin, and the airtightness allows bacteria to multiply and fungi to grow. Provide a good environment for reproduction.


 The third mistake is Sweat-soaked underwear after workout


We've all had the experience that you go to the gym for a high-intensity workout and your testicles sweat, then come home and start resting, you're likely to be wearing the same sweat wicking underwear for the rest of the day, which causes sweat and a buildup of bacteria, especially if you're wearing synthetic performance underwear that isn't breathable.


The fourth easy common mistake is that men arent willing to spend more money on underwear


Unlike women, in the eyes of men, why do I spend so much money on underwear that no one will ever see? Might as well spend a lot of money on clothes and people which can see it.


For most men, 20 bucks for 6 pieces of underwear at Walmart just isn't a bargain. But trust me, you think you've picked it up cheap, the materials that are too cheap are generally very rough and and rubbing against bare skin will also seriously affect your skin, and most of these products are not available after sale.

Just spend a little more and get a good pair of soft cotton underwear and you'll get really good fabrics for all-day comfort, attention to detail, good support, good looks and durability in styles...


The fifth mistake is wrong way of washing


Men's underside skin is usually more sensitive than the rest of the body, so washing underwear with detergents that contain fragrances, fabric softeners, and various chemicals can cause extensive itching and sagging of the pubic skin.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, their recommendation is to avoid detergents that add too many chemicals when washing breathable boxer underwear.


The sixth mistake is that men are usual worn repeatedly old underwear


Sadly, almost of men wear old underwear over and over again all year round. This is by far the worst mistake, but sadly, there are still many poor fellow men doing this. An accepted fact: at least 0.1 gram to 1 gram of feces on a pair of underwear. When you put on an old pair of basic cotton underwear, heat and moisture can increase the buildup of bacteria and fungi.


The seventh mistake is that men are selected too "protruding" underwear


This doesn't necessarily make your "brother" look majestic and mighty, but it leaves too much space, I can't understand. Do you want your “brother” to bounce freely in it?

It's actually quite uncomfortable, and can cause severe irritation and even worse rashes when you're wearing rough fabric trousers (like denim).


Men, please be kind to yourself and choose some high-quality boxer shorts underwear appropriately.


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