My Points of View to High-Quality Underwear Management

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/09/16

Judging from the current market competition situation, quality has became one of the most important factors for modern enterprises to gain a favorable competitive position, establish long-term development, and make enterprises successful. This has also been recognized by more and more enterprises, and they have put forward their own slogans to improve quality. For example, General Motors of the United States put forward "Let quality on the road", Ford's "Quality is the first job" and so on.


In contrast, one of the common problems of Chinese enterprises is that the product quality is not high, and they often rely on the price advantage brought by low cost to participate in international competition. In foreign countries, our products are a symbol of cheapness and inferiority. This is not only detrimental to the image of one's own enterprise, but also can easily lead to anti-dumping lawsuits from other countries, thereby affecting the development of the globalization of Chinese enterprises.


So, on the basis that the entire underwear panties manufacturing industry is not very prosperous, how should we improve the efficiency of the factory and ensure the quality of underwear while reducing costs?


To ensure the high quality boxer shorts of garments is to improve the quality of underwear panties. First of all, we need to find out the various causes of defective underwear, determine what are the main quality problems of defective underwear, and eliminate and reduce these influencing factors.


Underwear garments quality improvement is a battle against the unknown and an important way to learn and explore the world of garments. Only by producing high-quality underwear ready-to-wear can we ensure that each of our consumers wears beautifully and is safe and secure.


Underwear Garments Quality Management Trilogy


In order to solve the underwear quality crisis, it is necessary to break the traditional concept, fundamentally transform the traditional underwear garments quality management system, and act according to the new action line. This line is the "trilogy" proposed by Julan.


1. Quality Plan


Quality planning is the process of first defining the quality objectives to be achieved by products and services, and planning and deploying the various activities necessary to achieve these objectives. For example, a pair of good quality cotton underwear needs to be comfortable for customers to wear, it will not fade after washing, and it will not break after wearing for one or two years. In order to achieve these goals, it is necessary to deploy and plan the materials, washing water, and sewing production of underwear panties, such as what to use. Materials, what equipment to use, how to test, etc. Through underwear garments quality planning activities, enterprises or factory should clarify who their customers are, what their needs are, and what characteristics underwear must have to meet customers' needs; on this basis, they must also set the quality that meets the requirements of both customers and suppliers. Goals, develop the processes and processes necessary to achieve garments quality goals, ensure that the process has the ability to achieve the goals under the given operating conditions, and lay a solid foundation for the final production of underwear and services that meet customer requirements.


2. Quality Control


Quality control, in its general meaning, refers to the process of developing control standards, measuring actual conditions, identifying deviations, and taking action to correct them. For example, the size table of ready-made underwear garments are generally stipulated, and if the deviation is exceeded, the product is not qualified; Just like, the finished underwear is dirty; Such as the color difference of the fabric, the sewing off thread and so on; This is the quality control of underwear garments.


3. Quality Improvement


Quality improvement is the process of going beyond the original plan to achieve an unprecedented level of quality. There are three ways to improve the quality of underwear garments:

The first thing is to restore the process to the initial control state by eliminating the occasional quality failure that causes the process to deviate from the standard. For example, we improve the flat car to make the stitch distance and sewing density meet the requirements, etc. ;


The second thing is to improve the current quality to a new level by eliminating long-term quality failures, such as regular maintenance of various machinery and equipment in the garment workshop, and replacement of parts that need to be replaced after long-term use;


The third thing is to introduce new products, when the new process is planned (design), we strive to eliminate various possibilities that may lead to new chronic failures and sporadic failures, such as purchasing automatic cutting equipment, so that our cutting accuracy can be removed from the influence of human factors.


In the trilogy of underwear garments quality management, the underwear quality plan clarifies the goals to be achieved by clothing quality management and the way to achieve these goals, which is the premise and foundation of underwear quality management; Underwear quality control ensures that things are carried out as planned. , is the guarantee to achieve the quality goal of underwear; The improvement of the quality of underwear means a leap in the level of underwear quality, indicating that the quality of underwear garments is constantly climbing and improving in a spiral way.


These three stages complement each other.


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