Metal Detectors Used for Underwear Manufacturers

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/08/23

The needle detector is one of the metal detection equipment. Since various needles are often used in the textile industry, these needles are small in size. Once they are left in the fabric, there will definitely be a lot of safety. Hidden dangers. In the 1970s, there were incidents of child injury caused by broken needles in children's clothing. In order to protect the interests of consumers and the safety of consumers' lives, Japan promulgated the Japanese clothing standard testing method. The testing method stipulates that any imported and exported clothing must be tested by testing equipment, and no broken needles or small iron filings should remain in the clothing. Otherwise, a financial penalty of $10,000 to $30,000 is imposed. In view of this, Japan first produced the needle detector with the island as the brand. In the 1980s, the United States and Taiwan followed suit and promulgated the clothing import and export inspection law. In the 1990s, due to the introduction of a large number of foreign trade products, South Korea and China also purchased needle detectors one after another in accordance with international practice, and began to develop the production of needle detectors. Under such a demand situation, there is a large demand for clothing needle inspection machines in the market.


From the initial detection of broken needles in the textile industry to the need to detect more metal foreign bodies, the needle inspection machine has greatly improved the technical requirements for the clothing needle inspection machine. Moreover, with the changing needs of applications, various types of products have been developed for clothing needle detectors, such as flat-panel needle detectors for daily testing of flexibility, and hand-held needle detectors for flexibility in various places. , the characteristics of this type of equipment are easy operation, flexible use, and can quickly achieve metal detection on items. For example, underwear manufacturers have higher metal detection requirements, and are more suitable for using conveyor-type verification machines. Such detection is more comprehensive and detailed, and various types of needle detectors can be widely used in production practice.


We know the importance of the needle inspection machine, so do you know the safe operation rules of the needle inspection machine? Let's take a look at how Unitex underwear manufacturer operates the needle inspection machine safely.


Operating Procedures

1. Check whether the screws of each part are loose before use;

2. After turning on the main power, turn on the voltage stabilizer;

3. After turning on the needle-passing machine switch, check whether the voltage is stable;

4. After five minutes of testing, test the sensitivity according to the "nine-point method". By adjusting the machine until the sensitivity is normal, the operation can be performed. The sensitivity of the machine must be tested every two hours;

5. When the finished product has passed the needle inspection, it should be placed in the middle of the belt, as shown in the girl's comfort underwear in the picture below, one by one. During the needle inspection process, if there are metal objects in the shorts, the needle inspection machine will automatically stop and the red light will turn on;

6. For finished products that cannot pass the needle inspection machine, you must use the needle detector by hand to find the specific location of the metal. If you find the finished product of the metal object, you need to go through the needle inspection machine three times before entering the packing area;

7. The finished product of the metal object has not been found through the hand-held needle detector, and it must be isolated and stored in a closed scrap box for disposal and destruction;

8. The boy’s boxer briefs and boy briefs that have successfully passed the needle inspection machine as shown in the figure below are qualified products and can be directly entered into the packing area for packing. The boxed underwear must be placed separately in a two-hour period, and the time period must be marked. So as not to trace back the finished product of the inspected needle after the sensitivity of the machine decreases;

9. After the needle inspection is completed, all power switches must be turned off, and the dust cover must be covered.


Matters Needing Attention

1. Needle inspectors must be professionally trained personnel, and those who have not been trained are strictly prohibited from inspecting needles;

2. Only designated packing personnel are allowed to enter the packing area in the needle inspection room;

3. Needle inspectors are not allowed to wear mobile phones and any personal metal objects during needle inspection, so as not to interfere with the needle inspection machine;

4. Some large machinery and equipment, such as large fans, should not be placed in the periphery. Affect the needle test effect;

5. All debugging switches of the needle inspection machine need to have a protective cover and be locked.


Maintenance and Maintenance

1. The needle inspection machine test must be calibrated by the supplier's technician at least once a year, and the calibration record should be hung on the side of the machine;

2. Check whether the belt moves and refuel the frame, motor and bearing once a month;

3. Wipe the conveyor belt with a dry cloth after needle inspection every day.

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