How to Improve the High-Quality Underwear

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/09/22

In the last article, we talked about "Points of View to High-Quality Underwear Management", so today we will talk about how to better improve and strictly control the quality of underwear products to increase more market share Rate.


Set up a QC improvement team


The QC improvement group activity refers to the activities organized by the people on the same work site to inspire each other, express their opinions, respect individuality, think together and use QC methods to continuously improve and maintain the quality problems, after-sales service, processing operations, etc. of the company.


QC improvement activity groups can be divided into the following categories:


1) Field type. The main features of maintaining the high quality boxer shorts underwear garments are small tasks, low difficulty, short cycle, and not necessarily large benefits.


2) Service type. The main features of the group aiming at improving the quality of underwear are that the subject is small, the difficulty is low, the cycle is short, and the workshop benefit is obvious.


3) Tackling type. Solving key technical problems in a three-combination method is mainly characterized by difficult tasks, long cycle, large investment and significant economic benefits.


4) Management type. It is composed of managers of underwear and garment factories to solve the management problems of underwear products.


The basic method of QC improvement activity team to solve the problem is:


Set goals → grasp the status quo → analyze the problem → review and implement improvements → grasp the improvement effect → standardize


In fact, in order to truly improve the efficiency of underwear and garment factories, the enterprise will have greater development. Unitex's lean production - "zero waste", requires various products to be produced according to the required amount when needed. The output must be able to flexibly adapt to changes in market demand, otherwise it will cause a waste of resources. In order to reduce or even avoid this unnecessary waste, it is essential to implement timely and appropriate production. Unitex's underwear factory production method breaks the traditional production method that believes that there is an inverse relationship between quality and cost, and achieves high quality and low cost of products through quality management throughout every process.


The usual quality management method is to inspect the product in the last process, which cannot effectively prevent the recurrence of unqualified products. Because if the production does not stop immediately after the problem is found, it is inevitable that similar problems will continue to occur, and at the same time, the superposition of "defects" will occur, increasing the frequency of final inspections, and invisibly increasing costs. In Unitex's own factory, if problems are found in the production method, production will be stopped immediately and analysis and improvement will be carried out. Over time, there will be fewer and fewer problems in production, and the quality of the production process of the enterprise will gradually increase.


Quality is actually a simple sentence: quality = conscience + sense of responsibility, so that the trainees are easy to remember and understand. Sometimes employees themselves will ask if I have taken the company’s money and didn’t do the job well, whether I can live up to my conscience; Quality inspectors will also ask questions. Everyone has this awareness, and then properly guides down, this quality reason is not difficult to control, as long as there is a little sense of responsibility, this quality accident will not occur.


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