Customize Your Types of Underwear Packaging

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/06/24

Underwear is an important part of our life. However, packaging is the first sense of the product, it acts as a salesman. The packaging content through the role of visual communication to consumers, has a strong visual impact, can attract consumers' attention, so as to produce the desire to buy. Customized packaging is the last but not the least step in the underwear production process. Of course, there are lots of packaging methods for underwear. Generally, we will give an advice according to the product features, sales channel, and their budget. Many customers will also give their own packaging design or samples, and then according to the customer's requirements to find a suitable factory.


As below, we will share our experience about how to customize your own packaging and introduce some common packaging ways in the market. I believe you will know the process of customization well after reading it. The commonly of package can be divided into two categories: packaging bags and packaging boxes. Let’s say more about them.


Packaging bags

Plastic packaging bag because of its production process is simple, the price is relatively low and become the commonly used packaging materials in the market. There are self-adhesive seal OPP packaging bags, zipper bags, zipper compound stands up bags, non-woven bags and so on. We will introduce them separately in the following paragraphs.


Self Adhesive Seal OPP Packaging Bag

Self-adhesive seal bag is one of the most common bags, this bags are also one of the cheapest. They tend to look brittle and thin, this kinds of package can be found everywhere in  the supermarkets. The material of self-adhesive sealing bag is generally OPP or PP, not solid as other materials, the thickness of normal is about 0.018mm-0.05mm. This kind of packaging, also rarely printed on the Logo (of course, if the customer needs, but also can be printed).




Plastic Zipper Packaging Bag

Plastic zipper bag is the most popular packaging, which is easy to produce and customize, the production cost is also cheaper than other packaging, so many people choose it. The common materials are PE, EVA, PVC, CPP,  and the most widely used materials are PE and PVC. Generally, there are three styles for PE or PVC zipper bags: double-sided transparent style; Double-sided frosted style; Semi-frosted semi-transparent style. Usually the thickness of material is about 0.1mm-0.18mm.



Zipper stands up bags

Zipper stand bags are made of composite materials, mainly compound with two or more materials (such as CPP, PET, OPP, aluminum foil...). This stands up bag design sense is very good, three-dimensional sense is also very good, moisturizing, waterproof better. It’s worth mentioning that it is more suitable for printing if the outer layer is aluminized, which can better reflect various product patterns on the packaging bag. Of course, because of the characteristics of the packaging bag itself, the cost will be a little more expensive.



Non-woven Fabric Bag

Non-woven fabrics are eco-friendly, air-permeable and waterproof. It always splices with OPP and CPP.  The common designs are a handbag, zipper bag, and button bag. The common printing technology for non-woven fabrics is watermark printing. The cost would be more higher, it mostly used for garments packaging.




Packaging Box

In short, packaging bags are convenient and easy to use, and packaging boxes are making the products more sophisticated and formal, and looks more classy. The packaging boxes can also be divided into the following categories: Transparent foldable plastic box, Collapsible paper box, Non-folding box, Collapsible box, Packaging tube and so on.


Transparent foldable plastic box

Transparent foldable plastic boxes, usually made of PVC,PP or PET materials, can be used for UV, screen, hot stamping and so on printing technology. PVC is the most commonly used material for its cheap price. Based on the environmental protection concept advocated globally in recent years, PP and PET will become more and more popular in the near future. This type of box is quite common in underwear, especially men's underwear and sports underwear.




Collapsible Paper bag

Collapsible Paper bag is light and solid, usually used as gift bags. To go with this kind of bag, we often use plastic bags and small paper boxes as the inner packaging. The paper bag is much cheaper than boxes, more eco-friendly than plastic bags, and more sophisticated than non-woven bags. The high-end gifts of underwear bags, usually used a silk ribbon or cotton rope as hand grasp. This will make the gift more valuable, but it will also be more expensive.


Unfolding box

Unfolding box, also called the lid with base box or drawer box, which are suitable for high-grade packaging. Comparing to folding paper boxes, it is more solid and gives better protection for the productions inside. Because it can't be folded, it's big bulky and takes up space, so it's expensive to transport. This kind of un-foldable boxes is made by hand or semi-mechanized production, which lead to lower production efficiency and higher cost than other boxes.




Collapsible Box

Comparing to the non-folding box, the collapsible box is much easier in production. The price is also higher, but because it can be folded, the transportation cost is greatly reduced. In addition, it is flexible and can be designed into different shapes. Therefore, it is also liked by some high-end customers.



Packaging Tube

Most of this kind of packaging tube is made from PVC plastic and paper ( coated paper, ivory board, brown paper). Paper caps are commonly used, but some customers also require iron caps. This packaging is solid and waterproof, it can protect the product well. This packaging is solid and waterproof, it can protect the product well. It can be a good option for high-end productions or sports bra underwear such as women cotton sport bra underwear. But it's very expensive, if you want to lower the packaging cost, as we recommend you the brown paper packaging tube, and stick label rather than printing on the outside of package.



Of course, there are a variety of packaging methods, such as paper card packaging for any kinds of underwear especially children underpantssimple sticker packaging, and men and womens brief underwear of hanger with hangtag packaging and so on, these are relatively common packaging methods, we won’t go through them one by one.


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