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  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/06/17

Our butts come in just as many shapes and sizes as breasts do, but they’re definitely not as complicated. Underwear is one of those necessary evils that you do not particularly like but feel like you have to wear. We choose our bras according to the outfit we wear, right? Then why don't we do the same with our underwear? When shopping for underwear, you're likely loyal to one specific style such as thongs, bikini, or briefs. Innovation in types of underwear have come a long way, and there is still quite a way to go. Now, with so many options, it's hard to know which type is the best for you. It’s really more about your own style preferences and what feels comfortable to you. Here below we introduce some different types of women’s underwear and which ones are best for what you want.



Womens thong underwear originated in Europe and the United States, also known as T-back. Thongs are the perfect undergarment to hide the line of underwear in leggings, dresses, and skirts. Giving you the least amount of coverage, a thong has just a strip of fabric in the back. Wearing a thong helps you avoid visible panty lines, as there are no bumps on the edges and they stay totally hidden. Thongs are a great option for tighter cloths, but they can be uncomfortable if you don't find the material or size for you. But now, thongs are no longer just a way to eliminate embarrassment, but more of a sexy decoration. They can use a variety of fabrics, from cotton thong underwear to lace, so that you can wear them every day and on special occasions.



Womens Brief underwear are a type of women’s underwear that provide lots of front and back coverage. They used to be the go-to for maximum coverage and the most common best women's  brief underwear style, also the one that was easier for all women to accept. They are like an old stand by, always there when you need them. This underwear will definitely give you a panty line. These types of classic briefs underwear are usually divided into low-rise briefs, mid-rise briefs and high-rise briefs. Although they'll show panty lines, but many women prefer them because they provide maximum comfort. Because they’re more about comfort, the most common fabrics used for briefs are cotton, microfiber, and nylon.



Women’s bikini briefs underwear are perfect for all day comfort, they have more coverage than the thong, but less coverage with a lower rise and higher leg openings than briefs. As one of the most popular types of underwear, most people wear these everywhere. You can wear them around the house when relaxing, under jeans, or with dresses and skirts, they are even a great option for gym-goers. The breathable bikini underwear are one of the most versatile underwear options you can find. They can use the same comfy fabrics as briefs (cotton, microfiber, and nylon), but also the more delicate ones like lace and argyle mesh and so on.




Hipster underwear rises up higer than a bikini bottom and provide more coverage. They are very figure flattering with the additional booty coverage. This type of underwear sits right on the hips and slightly below your natural waistline. They also have more coverage for your hips and usually have wider fabric panels. You may hear them referred to as a hipster brief. The leg openings are lower, so there is minimal space for the bottom of your butt cheek to pop out. The hipster panty style is ideal for wearing with low rise jeans and other pant styles. They will not stick out over the top of the waist of your pants. They usually used fabrics for comfort and style including lace, mesh, cotton, and microfiber.



Women’s boyshorts are modeled after men’s briefs, hence the name. They have a more rectangular shape and give the most leg coverage of all the underwear options. They are ideal for loose skirts, jeans, and loungewear. Similar to best boxer briefs for men, they provide the maximum amount of comfort and security of any of the underwear style options. Boyshorts are great for women with bottoms that a V shape and even sagging bottoms. They are also great for those with heart-shaped or square bottoms. Comfort is key with women’s boyshorts, so fabrics tend to be cotton, microfiber, and nylon.



G-String underwear is incredibly similar to womens thong underwear. G-string types of underwear have the least amount of coverage with a very thin thong back and a low rise fit in the front, nearly none, only covering your private part barely. Like a thong, it forms the same T-shape, but with a much skinnier string in the back. Some women find them completely uncomfortable. Others love them. G-strings tend to be made with more delicate fabrics, including lace and satin.



Cheeky underwear like bikini briefs underwear, show more of your hip for more back coverage than a thong, but still less than a bikini. They have a wide band around the hip to help eliminate a panty line. These underwear are aptly named because they are going to show off round and plump butt cheeks. The cheeky panties underwear lean more towards flirty but can be worn under just about any type of clothing. The fabrics tend to be cotton, microfiber and lace.


Sexy underwear

Female sexy underwear are different from everyday underwear, erotic underwear focuses more on the pursuit of interest. It takes sexy and romantic design as the core. Hollow design is adopted in the design of underwear, or selected translucent fabrics to add feminine lace or personalized metal accessories.

   Type-Sexy underwear.jpg

Of course, there are other kinds of women's underwear, such as seamless underwear, functional underwear, period underwear, pregnancy underwear and so on, we won't go through them one by one. Unitex Underwear,we are professional underwear industry and trade integrated supplier. We are able to provide you any styles of women’s underwear you want. As long as you need it, we will be always here for help.


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