What’s the Best Men's Underwear to Keep You Cool and Dry?

  • By:Teresa Zhang
  • Date:2022/06/30

Summer is here, are you sweating?

Stepping outside into the muggy, sticky, suffocating walls of hot, humid weather can be quite painful. Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet for that swampy feeling, which means that improving your comfort is mostly about finding ways to reduce the unpleasant feeling by wearing sweat wicking underwear that helps keep you cool.


Who says you can't live without air conditioning in summer? If you want me to say, the better the underwear, the better the mood!


Here are 3 tips for dealing with humidity by choosing the right underwear:

1. Wear  loose-fitting underwear

The most important thing you can do to improve your comfort in high humidity is to wear lightweight underwear that won't cling to your skin. Woven fabric or fabric that has some texture and a loose fit will usually do well.

Underwear that hugs the body absorbs sweat and then clings to the skin, which can exacerbate discomfort. To limit this, find an underwear that physically isolates your body, even if only slightly, rather than hugging it.

Certain fabric structures are better at providing distance. In many case, lightweight woven fabric will drape over the body more naturally than knitted fabric. You can also look for fabric with some texture that lifts the fabric slightly from the skin, such as seersucker or pique.

Science shows that men who wear loose-fitting underwear have higher sperm concentrations and total counts; this is because the scrotum is designed to be kept at a distance from the rest of the body to keep temperatures cooler.


2. Choose Fabric that Move Moisture Away from Your Body

To prevent sweat from being uncomfortable on your skin, look for underwear that has moisture management features like wicking or perspiration. Moisture management fabric quickly moves sweat away from your skin. Fortunately, many garments designed for outdoor use are designed for this very purpose. You'll see many garments made from synthetic fibers (like polyester and nylon) advertised as "moisture management" or "moisture wicking," so when you have a variety of options, choose the lightest fabric.

On a non-humid summer day, perspiration alone may be enough to keep you comfortable, as sweat is drawn from your body and easily evaporates, which keeps you cool. However, on hot, humid days, the air around you is almost or completely saturated with water vapor, and sweat has nowhere to go but to sit on your skin or be absorbed by your underwear. If your underwear sags from your skin, even just a little, you'll be a little more comfortable than when you're wearing a wet, snug fit.


3. Wear  Quick-Drying Underwear

The faster your underwear dries when soaked in sweat (that won’s evaporate quickly on hot, humid days), the less time you'll have to wear wet underwear. Generally, the lighter the fabric, the faster it dries, but you can also opt for quick-drying underwear. Quick-drying underwear won't remove moisture, but at least it will dry a little faster than underwear with a long drying time.

The best men's underwear for hot weather is better at handling moisture, friction and heat.

The choice of fabric is the biggest factor. Bamboo is probably the best natural fabric because of its high absorbency, quick drying and softness. For this reason, it's a great option for those with sensitive skin who find cotton to be too suffocating. Fibers such as modal and polyamide are almost second in cooling performance, and they can be synthetic, natural or a blend of both. Finally, some brands use polyester or other fully synthetic fabrics that can help control the temperature as long as they have mesh or similar breathable fabric.


With all that in mind, these are 4 best choices of men's underwear to keep you cool and dry under hot weather.

1. The Best Cooling Boxers With A Relaxed Fit

When it comes to preserving your body's natural temperature, loose-fitting boxer briefs are the best option. The extra fabric typically means that they're not the a good fit for athletic activities, but Legacy cooling boxers are the best hot-weather pick for sleeping, traveling, relaxing, running errands, and going out.

They're made from a high-performance polyester that's woven into a ventilating mesh construction. As a result, they're quick-drying, breathable, and resistant to moisture and odors. The tag-free design and large fly keep things especially comfortable.


2. The Best Moisture-Wicking Boxer Briefs 

To most people, the phrase "hot weather" translates to sweat. If your top priority is keeping everything dry and cool, EXT quick-dry boxer briefs are your best bet. They're made from a polyamide mesh, which allows for both optimal ventilation and moisture-wicking. They're available both with and without a fly, and their mid-thigh fit absorbs sweat over a larger surface area, but dries three-times faster than cotton.


3. The Best Cooling Briefs

The so-called ice silk is actually a kind of fabric for knitted clothing, which is made of 70% viscose filament and 30% nylon yarn by interlacing and twisting. After weaving, it is wet-treated to make the thermoplastic nylon component shrink sharply, and the viscose is fully exposed on the surface, making the interior hydrophobic and the exterior hydrophilic. Clothing made of this kind of yarn is cool to wear, so it is called "ice silk". It has the characteristics of good air permeability, automatic humidity control, and slow heating of sunlight.

Ice silk underwear is as cool and comfortable as clean "ice". Ice silk, also known as rayon, has the characteristics of breathability, quick drying, smoothness and coolness. Its hygroscopicity and air permeability are better than ordinary viscose fibers, and its moisture content is closest to the physiological requirements of the skin.

The smooth surface of the ice silk underwear brings a free and seamless wearing experience, even if you are wearing tight clothes, you don't have to be afraid of streaks. Ice silk underwear is light, skin-friendly and breathable, which is the best choice for buying underwear in summer.


4. The Most comfortable mens underwear, Thanks to Bamboo Fabric

As previously-discussed, bamboo is one of the best cooling natural fabrics. That's because it's extremely absorbent to wick away moisture, but also dries very quickly and has a silky-soft feel. Unitex boxer briefs are woven from 95 percent bamboo fiber and contain 5 percent spandex to allow for a body-conforming stretch. Basically, they've earned a 4.4-star rating because they're so unbelievably comfortable — even in stifling weather.

The Unitex underwear is specifically designed to remain as cooling and comfortable as possible.

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