Twelve Interesting Women’s Underwear Trivia You've Probably Never Heard of

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2023/10/20

For most women, choosing underwear doesn't seem to be difficult. They just need to go into the store and find the right color, style and size. However, I believe many people know that synthetic fibers are bad, cotton is better, thongs can cause inflammation, and so on.

There is a lot of knowledge like this. However, the emergence of new research data in modern times seems to change some of what many people believe to be true. Twelve interesting facts about women’s underwear that you may have never heard of! 


01-For health, sometimes you have to give up underwear completely

People with chronic vaginitis or yeast infections may feel better without wearing underwear. This is because fungi and bacteria like moist, warm, and dark places, and without underwear, it's virtually impossible for them to thrive.


02-Incorrect size can cause inflammation

One thing women should pay special attention to when wearing underwear is that the underwear should not leave strips on the skin, as this means they are too narrow. Wearing women’s sexy underwear that is too tight significantly increases the risk of urinary tract infection.


03-Antibacterial underwear can delay hormones

The makers of antibacterial underwear promise the underwear will reduce bad odors. To achieve this effect, they may add silver ions or triclosan to the fabric. However, gynecologists are concerned that these ingredients are harmful to women's health.

Because, triclosan may disrupt hormonal balance and create resistance to antibiotics. When it comes to silver ions, you need to be even more careful, especially the possibility of allergies.


04-Correction shorts will affect blood circulation

Overseas, stars like Kim Kardashian, Heidi Klum, and Katy Perry have launched their own underwear fashions. As far as modern society is concerned, there is nothing shameful about wearing corrective underwear. However, tight shorts and corsets can cause irreparable damage to your health.

Narrow bras and underwear for women squeeze abdominal organs, slow blood circulation, and some styles can even cause nervousness. Experts believe that corsets and underwear may cause numbness in the arms or legs. In addition, linen underwear that is too tight may make it difficult for women to take off when using the toilet. If you must wear corrective bras, don't wear them all day. It's best to change them quickly after your appointment or party.


05-Do not use the same general laundry detergent to wash underwear as other clothes. Common powders contain ingredients that irritate delicate skin and mucous membranes. Because many chemical fragrances may cause inflammation or allergies.

In addition, pathogenic microorganisms readily tolerate any washing. They can live on shorts for long periods of time. Therefore, it is best to wash clothes at temperatures above 40°C. If the fabric the garment is made from requires gentle treatment, an oxygen bleach-based liquid (or powder) must be added. Of course, drying your clothes in the sun will also help kill bacteria.


06-From what we generally believe, thongs seem to be very harmful to women’s health. First, they are more form-fitting and have only a thin strip of tissue, which seems to help transfer intestinal bacteria to the reproductive organs.

But a recent study refutes the idea that thongs are harmful. Scientists compared two groups of women: one group always wore thongs and the other group always wore regular underwear. It turns out that the microbiota of both groups were roughly the same.

07-When exercising, it is best to wear special sports underwear

Sure, regular cotton padding absorbs sweat very well, but the fabric will still stay wet and in constant contact with your skin. If you don't have special fitness clothes, you should change clothes immediately after training.


08-Hot water, laundry detergent and bleach cannot completely kill bacteria on underwear. On average, after washing, there will still be 10,000 live microorganisms on it, some of which do not pose a threat to health, and some (such as E. coli and staphylococci) may be dangerous.

Microbiologist Professor Philip Thiel recommends buying new clothes at least once a year and getting rid of your old underwear, even if you really love them.


09-Too bright may indicate the presence of toxic dyes in the fabric

To sew brightly colored underwear, the fabric may be dyed with harmful chemicals. Greenpeace conducted a survey in which members of the organization purchased 121 pieces of the popular underwear in stores around the world. It turns out that 2/3 of them contain phthalates and azo dyes, toxic substances that pose a risk of cancer.

The use of harmful dyes is banned in most developed countries, but today large quantities of clothing are still produced in semi-legal factories in remote corners of the world. Therefore, try to avoid buying underwear that is too bright and has unnaturally bright colors in your life. They may be harmful to health and ecology.


10-It is not true that synthetic underwear is harmful to health. Of course, it can definitely be dangerous to buy a product from an unknown manufacturer that is made from 100% synthetic materials, but large factories tend to care more about the quality of their products.

Additionally, man-made fibers have the advantage of being free of organic cotton products. For example, polyester is durable and wear-resistant and will not lose color even after hundreds of washes; nylon gives the fabric strength and elasticity. Thanks to the polyamide fiber, the underwear does not stretch after washing and spinning.


11-Protective underwear for aunties

We all know that there are a few days every month when women have to use sanitary products inside sanitary napkins, and it is easy for women to soil their underwear.

However, modern manufacturers offer solutions that allow women to sleep peacefully. The emergence of menstrual pants can make women's lives more comfortable during these days.


12-Foam rubber is often used as filler for this type of linen, and it may contain carcinogenic ingredients. Additionally, multiple layers of underwear may create a sauna-like effect, which can promote the growth of yeast fungi and pathogenic bacteria.

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