Knowledges About The Structural Design of Men’s Underwear

  • By:Bory Wang
  • Date:2022/07/14

Underwear is the most personal of all our garments. It's the first on and the last off, the secret statement for yourself and private moments -- it should reflect your taste and style. Too easily do we pick only according to the most affordable prices, opting for regularity and even mediocrity as we choose this most precious of accessories. Today, we are here to inspire you out of that mindset.


The design of men's underwear must be comfortable to wear, two essential elements are necessary, one is the selection of high-quality fabrics, and the other is that the structure and technology must be reasonable and appropriate, highlighting the details and texture. A good quality cotton underwear of men's underwear can not only make the wearer feel comfortable physically and mentally, but also show the beautiful and vigorous posture of men.


Today, UNITEX takes stock of the key to the structural design of men's underwear, which can be used as a reference for all interested parties.


We divide the structure of men's underwear into four parts: waist, convex scrotum, foot circumference and crotch to explain in detail.


Underwear Waist Design

Firstly, generally, the elastic waistband design is suitable for various waist circumferences. And men are more prone to sweating, the waistband should be designed to be light and thin. It is recommended not to wrinkle, to prevent unsanitary sweat accumulation, bacteria or residues. In addition, the choice of elastic waistband materials should be high-quality and durable, and it is not easy to loosen, turn down, and produce streaks, which will affect the shape of the trousers and cannot achieve the effect of comfort and shaping.

Secondly, it is best to design the label behind the underwear for the sake of beauty. The inner and outer parts vary depending on yourself brand. Unitex most comfortable mens underwear may usually put the label on the back of centre, and it will be smooth without any excess thread. No matter how thin the pants are, the label will be no obvious exposure, no any feeling of strangeness or itching. This is a very subtle and thoughtful design, and the underwear wearer can fully feel the thoughtfulness.


Convex scrotum design

The key to men's underwear depends on the design of the scrotum part. Through the three-dimensional naturally formed convex sac, it can hold the scrotum, prevent the scrotum from falling down, and avoid the function of rubbing the scrotum and the inner thigh. Just like Unitex men's breathable boxer briefs underwear, can be according to the proportion of engineering, the design of the convex sac leaves a sense of space, which can also ensure ventilation and breathing, and help perspiration and moisture absorption.


Foot circumference design

The medical purpose of underwear is to protect the testicles of men, the testicles which are two degrees cooler than the body's normal temperature. Sometimes in summer, it is inevitable to sweat and smell, and the design of the scrotum and foot circumference is particularly important. Choose a sweat wicking underwear with comfortable and inclusive foot circumference, which not only allows the thighs to have room to move, but also can be suitable for more men with different leg thicknesses. Unitex men's underwear can do a double-line shaping edge on the foot opening, which makes the upper foot softer and more suitable, it does not tighten the thigh and resists curling, even prevents odors from leaking out.


Crotch design

The crotch part is designed with double layers of cotton, it is soft which improves the lifting effect and comfort, it also would be more healthy and hygienic, and can play a long-term protective function. Unitex men’s underwear, would be According to the needs of customers, the design of regular buffer zone is formulated in the crotch. When men are exercising, the crotch is evenly pulled, making the lower body more comfortable to wear.


There are also many designs with a strong sense of detail that can also take care of men's health in daily life. Good underwear pays attention to comfort and fashion. If you wear a pair of shapeless and uncomfortable underwear, whatever you wear expensive and fashionable clothes outside, you still aren’t going to get the beauty line you want. Unitex Underwear, which is one of the Chinese Knitted Underwear manufacturers expert, is also a mature industrial and trade integration of underwear manufacturers. If you have any other questions for underwear, please contact Unitex, or try to cooperate with UNITEX and experience the effect of our high quality boxer briefs men's underwear and excellent team service!


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